Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haiku - "Elation"

Fresh air lifts one's soul
Seagulls beckon, bare feet sink
Beachside elation

The poem above is part of "The Haiku Challenge".  The picture prompt for today is the photo below:

Photo Courtesy of "Few Miles" host of the "The Haiku Challenge"

The above is a part of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Mount Baldy.  We lived near here for a number of years and when we visited last year I was shocked to see the erosion.  The trail we used is now rerouted and a temporary fence put up to block access.  The dune is moving inland and all efforts are in full force to allow the dune grass to establish roots and stabilize the dune.  So, we were not able to walk up and over like the old days. What you see from the photo above is beautiful - but the full view is not the best Lake Michigan has to offer.  Nearby is what I used to think was a nuclear plant, but someone else told me it was a cooling plant (photo below).  Either way, not pretty.  And looking the other direction another ugly facility in the distance (not shown here)... I think a prison!  If we only had a couple of hours this is where we went (I always worried about what was in the water with so much "industry" surrounding this beach).  I preferred going to the St. Joseph, MI beach if time allowed.

I remember the first time my oldest son (maybe 6 yrs. old) climbed the sand dune of Mt. Baldy (below).  He made it 96% of the way and then looked down and FROZE.  I was helping his younger sister and toting a baby...  I was exhausted when we finally made it with picnic basket and all to the other side.  The photo is only 1/2 of the sand dune - I zoomed in with the camera.  This picture was taken 12 years after that initial climb.. and is significantly smaller. 


Kristen Haskell said...

It seems that man has stamped more than his footprint!

Patty Ann said...

Wow, I am also sorry to see the ruin that we leave behind in our struggle to be even more industrialized. Thanks for the pictures. I do love the last one.

Ray said...

The last photo is beautiful!

lisa said...

Wow! Amazing (and scary) how quickly things can change, and how significantly. Love your haiku, and the photograph to go with it is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very impactful. Thank you for sharing your writing and your photos.

Someone is Special said...

Loved your take on the image.. Happy to have you in the challenge..

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

I love the pics :) very nice!

this one will go well with "lilt" as well ")

Margaret said...

Kristen - Yes, "The Man" would rather go through or over than around ANY day! :)

Patty Ann - Such a beautiful spot ruined by industry forever. We do need industry, but what a shame.

Lisa - I just love a day at the beach for a photo op - I'm sure you do to.

Ray, Cloakedmonk, Someone, Lynnaima - Thank you! Your words of encouragement really mean a lot.