Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock N Roll Will 50/365

"A Style all his Own"
My just turned 18 year old son came home this weekend from the college he attends.  It was very nice to have a "full nest".   I submitted the above photo in a photography challenge hosted by Simplicity .  The subject was "Eyes".

Will has his own poetry blog, of which I have mentioned many a times!  But here is one of his latest.  For more, consider becoming a follower of his.  Another one of his poems is highlighted on my Art blog... Art Happens.  Click on my blog title if you are interested in reading "Across the Skies".

Percy (or) The Lover in Fairie
by William R. Bednar

To see the world through fairie lens,

The scrying pool, the artist's pen,

To live in such a wond'rous world

Will feed the lover's soul, unfurled,

Will free the heart to catch the moon

Will start romantic hearts to swoon.

So Percy, young and free at heart,

Who from his love was torn apart,

Walked the woods in shadowy gloom

Proclaiming death of love, and doom,

When stepped he into fairy ring

And heard the satyrs lusty, sing.

He watched the dryads flow'ry dance.

He saw the fairie happ'ly prance.

And in the midst of this he met

A vision out of Heaven sent

In form of twinkling, thoughtful eyes

And skin as clouds that grace the skies,

Skin much softer than the wind, and smooth

As stone that's by the water, grooved.

By magic fire a dance began.

By this spell, lost was the young man.

With eyes the color of the sea,

Began to court the fairy sweet,

Did Percy, past his other love.

By one touch from enchanted glove

Worn on hand of Percy's goddess

His heart did swoon and heave his chest.

That night the pair was lost in song

And Percy laughed and loved 'ere long.

At light of dawn the blue eyed youth

Received a kiss that spoke of truth

From elven maid, enchanted.

By the sun the fairie panted,

Shrinking from the light of morning,

And vanished fast, without warning.

Percy, in the wake of magic

Was abandoned.  Feeling tragic

He lay prostrate upon the hill.

As days did pass he lay quite still

And slowly, overcome by woe,

He begged the Earth, upon him, grow

And take his weight, his sky blue eyes

And help his tortured soul to die.

Upon the spot where once he lay,

So aided by the sun and rain

Did grow a pair of flowers, blue.

The Earth had taken up the youth.

When one year passed, on Eve of Saints

The Fey returned, with colored paints.

The girl who danced with Percy, young,

When all the singing had begun

Did find blue petals, growing strong

And wove them in her hair, so long.

"Jammin' "


Patty Ann said...

Very nice. I think it is great that he is writing and that you are supporting him in something that is obviously his passion. Way to go mom!!!

justine said...

what a very handsome boy - lovely eyes and what a beautiful poem. What a nice mum you are, my 17 year old wouldn't want me to help him, he is going through a weird teenage phase at the moment, did this nice fellow?

Margaret Bednar said...

Justine, No, Will has been quite easy to raise. Always very sensitive and kind. But I have 5 more to go... Teen years can be tricky... I was probably a bit difficult. Maybe it skips a generation. :) hang in there.

willow said...

Beautiful. Very classical for such a young guy. What a talent.

Margaret Bednar said...

Willow, coming from you, a wonderful poet, that is quite the compliment. Thank you.

Sheri said...

Great shot and a great lookin' kid (Adult).

Margaret Bednar said...

Sheri, I enjoy taking photos of what I love best! Which is my family. I see the same can be said of you. A pair of handsome and sweet looking boys you have.