Sunday, October 10, 2010

Black & White Rose

"Black & White Rose"
"Climbing Red Rose"
I entered the 1st rose in the Inspiration All Around Us Challenge.  I usually paint for this challenge, but I am busy taking an "Imaginary Trip to Paris" (with Laure Ferlita) on-line watercolor class this month.  I took this photo in Northern Michigan and always liked it.  I thought it was unique to look at the rose in black & white - is it still as pretty and interesting?


Angela said...

Hi Margaret, I looked at the challenge and was not surprised to find a most lovely entry by you.It is beautiful.

julia Kulish/ Art Speaking said...

I really love these photos - especially the on you used in Inspiration all around - nice job!

Ginnie said...

Seeing a B&W rose always deserves a second look, Margaret, so in that regard, it is beautiful and has its place. But it still takes getting used to, doesn't it! :)

Margaret Bednar said...

Thank you. It was just so different.