Monday, October 11, 2010

32/365 "The Pond"


"Waiting for Breakfast"

"Blending In"
Walked the dogs between 7 & 8 a.m. with my camera tucked inside my over-sized jacket pocket.  Crossing the small bridge near my home, I saw what I thought might be a bird at the far edge of the pond - I thought it might be part of the dead trees in the water - then it moved.  I used my zoom and many of my shots were blurry.  I used the guard rail as my tripod while the dogs kept trying to eat the goose poop (yuck).  It was a bit of a misty morning and I find it interesting how the early morning light quickly changes the intensity of the colors.  Not as clear as I would like, but my camera does have it's limitations.  I also wonder if I had taken it off the automatic setting, what could I have done that would have improved these photos?  I'm starting to want to get out my manual and read it ... soon, very soon I will try to find the time.

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