Saturday, September 11, 2010

"True Beauty"

"Home, Sweet, Home"
"The Dock"
"Backyard View"
 This is not my abode, but one I think is very "sweet".  I took these photos last fall.  I walk this area almost every day with my three dogs and child(ren).  Often I am greeted by our friendly, "neighborhood" duck which waddles around the pond.  He might possibly be the ugliest duck I have ever laid eyes on, but he always makes me smile.  Isn't that supposed to be "true" beauty?


Maya Bowe said...

Came to check out your blog after your comment on mine. :) LOVE your photos, and especially these. The trees are stunning!

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love this and I wish I could see it in person. I love the way you captured the blue of the water.