Saturday, September 11, 2010

4/365 "A Spot of Tea"

"Time for a Chat"

"My Cup of Tea"
I've always admired the visual artistry of tea sets. My oldest son started an almost "obsession" with tea at our house and now we all have fun experimenting with flavors.  Tea time is chat time at our house, whether it is one on one with each child or a whole group of their friends.  Most prefer big coffee mugs of tea, however, my youngest girls adore drinking from these dainty cups.  (I used natural light and no flash.  I wish the shadows were less and I see a bit of reflection.  Hard to get a "studio" shot at home.)


Courtney said...

I think it looks great :O) I Love the set up with the flowers in the background!

Mary Lou said...

Hi Margaret, I'm so excited that you visited me and are now a follower....I'm returning both to you. I love the V&B dishes and tea time. You sure are in a beautiful neighborhood.
Will see you more later.