Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Pre-School Masterpiece

Pre-School Masterpiece

Strokes of gold upon Amethyst,
brush held firm, cream puff cheeks
inches from canvas, eyes intent,
her five little dashes, an inch long,
boldly slashed along the edge;

perhaps not a Monet
but my heart is captured.

My hand signals, bid escalates,
after all, priceless her marks
embedded in glistening paint.

by Margaret Bednar, January 8, 2018

I can honestly say, I put the fear of God into my husband that night at the fund-raiser for the pre-school.  I was NOT going to be outbid.

This painting has been hanging in my living room for 14 years.  I've had many people think this is a painting from an accomplished artist - I love telling them it is from my youngest daughter's pre-school class of eight children.  I have photos of them painting it.

My daughter is the one in the pink shirt, sitting down.

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Kate Mia said...

It's Like
A Child's (Thoth)
EYes Of Wonder More..:)

Kim Russell said...

What a treasure, Margaret! I love the ekphrastic opening stanza and then the wonderful lines:
‘perhaps not a Monet
but my heart is captured’.
Congratulations on winning the bid and having such a cute and talented daughter (not forgetting the other artists)!

robkistner said...

That is wonderful Magaret, a lasting memory to cherish. I am building a collection of paintings and craft projectd my grandson has done since he entered pre-school. He is 5-years-old now. They hang proudly in a little alcove in my art studio.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice lines: "perhaps not a Monet
but my heart is captured."

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Oh what a wonderful peek into your living room this is! So glad you decided to hang with me and post this! And oh yes.....you've described it so well in the poem. I love this photo of the painting because the children all look so proud! It does look like a wonderful piece of modern art but it's so much more than that! All those memories and the strokes of your daughter too! :) I'm sure this will be a family heirloom - perhaps it already has earned that distinction! :)

brudberg said...

I love it, also for the fact that people mistakes it for an accomplished artist... maybe there is a boldness of a child which a grownup lack to do... I can understand it captured your heart.

Sara McNulty said...

This would certainly capture your heart more than a Monet. It’s wonderful, and your daughter is adorable.

Kathy Reed said...

It resembles a Pollock. What a great
keepsake. Has she a scrapbook of her work?

Christine Irving said...

Oh you had me at cream puff cheeks. I can see her so vividly. Wonderful word picture. So hard to write a fresh genuinely sweet poem about childhood or motherhood for that matter. You wrote about such a sentimental moment without a bit of sentimentality. Love it.