Thursday, March 1, 2018


Seemingly holding up the horizon line :)


As a toddler she was persistent,
trailed behind her siblings, determined.
Knew when to acquiesce
although stubborn resolve simmered within dark eyes.

Middle child, quick to laugh,
quick to defend.  A dark horse of sorts,
content in the background for so long,
only to surge ahead, steadfastly making a difference,

always challenging others to join the race,
not to compete, but to be part of the relay:
to engage, convince, prevail.

Received a phone call yesterday,
Stoneman Douglas massacre on her mind.
Asked why I hadn't called my senator,
state rep.?  Forwarded me their numbers

made me a part of the youthful movement
adamantly marching for their lives.
Let's do more than hope this time,
allow them to become the leaders we've raised them to be;

follow the courage in their untainted hearts.

by Margaret Bednar, March 1, 2018

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Wordy Thursday with Wild Woman - Being the Change"

Waffled between courage and wisdom in that last line.  I might change it back to wisdom, but for some reason I like courage.



brudberg said...

THIS is the leadership we need... challenging us to act. So fascinating to watch how quickly it works.

Donna said...

I love this....and yes these are the leaders we can finally see will change our world....I like the word courage too!


Sherry Marr said...

Courage is the right word, I think, Margaret. Your daughter will be happy with this poem. I was so discouraged until these intelligent, vocal kids began speaking and marching and asking their pointed questions. They are close to voting age which gives me hope. Our future leaders, tired of waiting for us to lead, leading themselves.........I love them! Thanks so much for writing to this prompt.

Kerry O'Connor said...

It does take courage to speak truth to power.

Sara McNulty said...

Excellent, Margaret. This is the new leadership. Let's support them.

Jim said...

So nicely written, appealing to our inner wanting to 'do right'. I perceive that Jeanette is for the underdog a lot, "quick to defend." The picture is appropriate, sets the mood for your poem real nice.

Helen said...

I especially love when you write about one of your remarkable offspring! Stellar in every way, Margaret.