Thursday, February 1, 2018

The College Boy(s)

The College Boy(s)

The timbre of his voice
makes waiting in line a rare pleasure -
wonder if he's a vocal major.
Notice he's always kind with the elderly.  
Handsome, not too clean cut,
locks almost girlish (or at least
that's what my husband would say),
his tall lanky youthful frame
promises a lean manly grace someday.
Always gently places vegetables
and fruit in my bag, careful not to bruise -
and I imagine his apartment neat and tidy -
an attribute not to be overlooked in a young man.

Confess I brought my daughter along today
careful not to comment or point his way
(a mistake I made with a young man
who works at the gym - swiftly and effectively 
banished to her "obituary column" 
also known as "Mom's failed attempts").

Hid my smile, making sure my eyebrow
remained in place as she commented
"He's cute".

Maybe this one will survive.

by Margaret Bednar, February 1, 2018

No photo today ... Can't even imagine my girls' reaction if I were to take this young man's photo ... They think I have embarrassed them in the past... this would put them over the edge.   :)  We live in a college town and there are a LOT of eligible young men working part time jobs... 

Linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Out of Standard - Eulogy for a stranger"  I LOOSLY followed the rules - instead of an outright eulogy I incorporated the idea of one (or sorts) into my poem...    I tried working it according to the rules but it wasn't working.


Toni Spencer said...

Super poem. Your poor daughters. My mother would sympathise with you. I like the young man a lot. I can see him clearly you brought him so much to life.

Isadora Gruye said...

Love the direction the prompt took you, Margaret. Sometimes a eulogy is just a preamble to a larger story, and here the mother daughter story will outlast the temporary. Well done and viva la!

Old Egg said...

How I loved this, laughing at the mother's discretion (this time) as she feigns indifference. What an delightful read.

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh, I love this! Daughters don't always appreciate the pluses we moms see in a young man.

Gillena Cox said...

Yes of course there no Moms Handbook, we learn as we go along. Ah but kudos smart move for a smile.

Luv this line in the poem best:
"Always gently places vegetables
and fruit in my bag, careful not to bruise -"

much love...

kaykuala said...

"He's cute".
Maybe this one will survive.

Success comes in unguarded moments. Sure will on this one, Marge!


Brendan MacOdrum said...

Fine character sketch in this man with good possibilities for a daughter, saying behind that what still attracts to the older woman. It ain't so easy these days, is it? With her three twentysomething daughters all unbetrothed, my sister has been reduced to wishing on them a man who's Christian and employed. "They don't even need teeth," she pines.

Jim said...

I was smiling, Margaret, still am. :)
Your verse reminded me of my mom's almost perpetual advice, "You won't find a nice girl in a bar." Not that I visited that many bars. We keep an eye out for our single son, now a young grandfather. He finds some very nice lady friends but seems they are really too young for him. Two I like very well, still FB fruends, one I didn't. '
'Course I don't get to choose.

Sherry Marr said...

Definitely the way to go - open opposition would seal the deal, lol. This made me smile.

Toni said...

Eulogies can be said for every moment as it passes away. It was nice being in these moments with this nice young man.

Fireblossom said...

"To A Grocery Bagger Dying Young" would have been too grim. Glad he lived to bag another day.

brudberg said...

He sounds like a sweet young man... sometimes your daughters should at least feel that she make her own choices.

WildChild47 said...

Mothers always on the watch, wishing for nothing but the best, for their kids - and especially their daughters. But who's to say, they know best? LOL - you've painted such a bright scene, with just perfect details and reflections in the musing - the wondering behind the bagger's hands - and the perfection of understanding mother-daughter-potential men friends, as such is sublimely translated. Love the fine point detail of an eyebrow carefully controlled.

Sara McNulty said...

This left me with a smile. My mother would have done the same if I had ever given her a chance!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Matchmaker Mom! (I've been there.) I hope this one survives too.