Thursday, July 20, 2017

Of Nymphs & Gods

I see elephants, giants, cougars... what do you see?

“Of Nymphs and Gods"  

Elephants effortlessly leap
as cougars crouch and giants sleep
and I upon Gaia’s ample breast
relinquish time to nymph’s mystique.

Now then in cool of morning rest
heat rays abide in sun’s digest
broad lays day as banana leaves
give succor thou wanton guest -

until westward wind sighs and heaves
Aura’s artistry aside and conceives
a cumulus sky of fearful might
'tis fair Iris's name to which I cleave.

Silhouettes court jasmine's white
orange hues bring lovers in sight
quiet passions to golden steep
guide the hush of twilight's flight.

by Margaret Bednar (1 & 3)  & Gillena Cox (2 & 4)


- In Greek mythology there were nymphs (Nephelae) of clouds and rain

- Gaia - Greek god of Mother Earth 

- Aura - goddess of the breeze and the fresh air of early morning

- Iris - goddess of rainbows and a divine messenger of the gods.  A link between the gods and mankind -  traveled with the speed of wind

- One of the most nourishing fruits known to man, the banana has been a life giving food in the tropics since ancient times.  As a result, many different cultures have tales about its origins and uses.  According to the Burmese, when man was created, he looked and looked for good food for himself and his children.   He came upon am beautiful, tall green tree with many fruits, being busily devoured by birds.  Seeing the birds eating eating the fruits, he knew that they must not be poisonous, so he shooed the creatures away and took the bananas to feed his family.  Ever since, the Burmese have eaten the fruits of the banana, which they call paw, “the birds told”.

- The Hawaiians, also fans of the fruit, which they call mai’a, tell a story that the brother of the goddess Pele brought the banana in his canoe to Hawaii from Tahiti.  They also believe mai’a to be the body of Kanaloa, their god of healing.

This poem was also highlighted in Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  

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