Monday, January 23, 2017


Ever wondered about the story behind these triple roadside crosses?  HERE it is.   

As a child I was tucked into bed inspired
with stories of Saints; some plucked from sin
and dismay, others never swayed from righteous ways -

drifted off to sleep beneath moonlit shelf
of angels and figurines blessed -

waited for "marching orders",  my turn to serve;
"Strive for sanctity" a phrase I'd often heard -

drove by triple crosses planted in cow pastures,
wondered if they were a sign.  Opened bibles randomly,
fingered verse as if a crystal ball -

St. Joan had her voices, her visions,
St. Teresa, her raptures, her angels,
my Evangelical friend, her "God told me so" -

but I'm afraid the only voice I hear is mine.
The only vision is what's before me.

Perhaps love is all you need
(inspired a bit from the Beetles
as well as the Bible) -

Love as a verb, a word to galvanize us all
to become our own unique saint.

by Margaret Bednar, January 23, 2017

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Sunday Mini Challenge with Brendan - Voices"   I did a bit of an overhaul on this poem - for those who read it through the first time, thanks for doing so again.

I learned this lesson years ago - and I've stumbled many times, but whatever we believe, if we don't put it into action, what good is it?  Most never have a "great revealing" nor a "voice" that divinely inspires... but if we are true to what we believe in (I am talking religion) then we are called to live it the best of our abilities, to be strong, to be our own unique version of a saint, to love God not by being just like the saints before us, but loving God as they did.

And to always remember love is a verb, an action.  


Other Mary said...

Well, on the up side, you don't have demons whispering in your ear either. I like your conclusion, Margaret. Listen, with love, to your own voice. I think you have what it takes too. :)

brudberg said...

I think we need to follow our inclinations or what we decide... though maybe not the voices who i see see as nudges or advisers.

kaykuala said...

but I'm afraid the only voice I hear is mine.
The only vision is what's before me.

It is the only voice that one can truly trust. That's the voice of a savior to our soul many times over! Very much so Marge!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Love is action. Love is now." So wise, Margaret. Yes, love is not words, but what one does.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Love is all there is.....

Sanaa Rizvi said...

In the end.. it is truly love that keeps us going.. beautifully penned ❤️

Martin Kloess said...

I don't think the ending is week, especially when the "I" is me. Bravo on this

Anonymous said...

Thanks Margaret -- The title sings the work here, divining the voice of God, hearing the angels sing of truth, finding the hallow in the hollows of Scripture. Priests were called on to interpret the babble of the Sibyl in the Temple of Delphi -- discernment is a consciously consecrated act, the ability to divine the sooth in the tooth. It is in the end, I believe, the ability to hear one's own inner voice, the deep God within; but that's just my opinion. Your search here is honest and rings true, and love is the most honest cross we can bear. (Ask any mother.) Thanks for taking up with the challenge.

Helen said...

Throughout my life there have been many 'signs' pointing the way, signs I have followed and signs I blatantly ignored. Fascinating to reflect back on them. I enjoyed your poem, Margaret.