Saturday, October 1, 2016



A little boy's wonder 
of jumping rock to rock,

playfully racing 
gently rushing mountain stream

fill's my heart; 
both transparent, both refreshing.

I want to warn 
of slippery surface, hard rocks

but his need to explore 
silences me.

Watch him focus 
on silvery fish,

in rock's two skip bounce,

as he splashes me.

by Margaret Bednar, October 1, 2016


Magaly Guerrero said...

I always enjoy the pictures you paint with your words, especially when the subject is a child.

We always want to protect them from life's dangerous bits... only a loving and knowing caregiver understands that we must give them a chance to live.

I really like the last four lines. ♥

brudberg said...

Oh I do love the joy in this.. I love the way the boy and water almost act as playmates, both jumping around those rocks.

Kim Russell said...

Such a simple, quiet scene painted with beautiful words, Margaret.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I like the way you have juxtaposed the parent's fears with the boy's sense of wonder.
I want to warn
of slippery surface, hard rocks..

I know that feeling well.

Other Mary said...

Ah, that's such a delicate balance... giving our kids the space to explore and make mistakes. This brings back some great memories, Margaret. Thank you.

Helen said...

Love, love when your poetry features your children.

Isadora Gruye said...

I do enjoy the tension here between the narrator's need to warn the young boy, and the desire to let him play without worry. Well done and viva la!

kaykuala said...

So much fun and re-assurance when he is confident enough. Mindful though it is slippery and hard should anything untoward happen


Outlawyer said...

Ah, so sweet! k.

Jim said...

A small boy at play as seen through they eyes of a mother figure. I like it, Margaret, it gives me insight was to what Mom, and then Mrs. Jim, have seen. I believe the father figure sees things in a different light.
Did you ever pop a wheelie on your motorcycle? Do you think that this young lad will? Be ready. His father may have if that is any help. I have, my kids have.

Debi Swim said...

Sweet, though I know the urge to protect is strong. It is hard to just watch but usually wise. Love this glimpse of boyhood

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Absolutely delightful.

grapeling said...

nothing quite like the stomach in your throat when your progeny make those leaps, eh? ~