Friday, May 13, 2016



Divine will, predestination
a soothing comfort I suppose -
easier to accept 
than lack of discipline or desire.

Add a shot of free will -
the flavor often changes:
vice over virtue or virtue over vice,
success or failure, stirred or shaken?

by Margaret Bednar, May 13, 2016

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Challenge "Lets Visit the "word" Family".  I pondered the words "Meant to Be" (and equivalent Antonyms and Synonyms) which is part of the title song two of my girls sang tonight from Little Women's "Some Things Are Meant to Be" at their high school Broadway Review.   (above is a short excerpt) The older sister (black dress) is going off to college in the fall and this is their last high school performance together.   The poem has nothing to do with the song.  Little Women is a wonderful book AND musical.  

I wish I could have pondered a bit more on this prompt - it's almost midnight and I'm traveling to the mountains tomorrow for the day - we will be moving there in four weeks and it is a busy time and throw in end-of-school activities...  My poetry is taking a "hit" as it isn't very good, but I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing and am very grateful for the prompts offered at "The Imaginary Garden..."  


Kerry O'Connor said...

For me, your poem encapsulates the event of one's child leaving home and 'going away' to college. It is meant to be, but fraught with anxiety, as well as excitement (and dread for the parent).

brudberg said...

The moment of leaving, the anxiety of success or failure, the stirred or shaken make it almost seem to be on the edge where anything can happen, almost like the butterfly effect.

Hannah said...

The emotion's captured well, Margaret. All the best to you!

Jim said...

Nice, Margaret. To me 'free will' and 'predestination' are on the opposite side of the scale that can only tip to the fullest either way. I know, theologians make them both work. But there are caveats and conditions for it to happen.

Susie Clevenger said...

Life has choices...your words speak that beautifully. When a child leaves the nest, we wonder how far and where he/she will fly. It is tough to release that tension. May your move go smoothly. You are also leaving the nest to build a new one.