Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Protected by sand dunes and salt marsh does seem a fragile thing
and with gulf stream's warming breath not yet delivering this early morn
I should be leary; but I don't mind as I wrap fuzzy shawl of silk 
and wool about my shoulders.

My son's braver; hoodie and shoes scatter where he flings them
in his usual zig-zag, helter-skelter fashion. 

Seems I've traded salt and snow for finely blowing crystals,
almost imperceptible until lying upon cool, moist sand
I marvel at their quiet journey of slowly shifting this barrier island 
of little to no bedrock.

I call my son to share, but my voice is swallowed by wind and surf.  
He's scampered far ahead, poking at shell deposits, driftwood, 
forcing gulls to abandon lucrative breakfast sites and ride shifting winds 
further down-shore. 

I abandon myself to absorbing, watching, imagining rangy ponies 
that once freely roamed this coastline; pirates that rested (and liquored) post-pillage,
shipwrecks - of lives lost, others saved;  heroics retold for generations.   
Ponder last night's ghost-walk and for once, believe every word.

My son is back, cheeks flushed, hair damp.  Shivering.  
Surrender my wrap as he leans against me, shows me half a sand dollar.
Come noon we'll have pail and shovel in hand; for now we have in mind 
Flying Melon Cafe's smoked salmon omelette and shrimp scramble.

By Margaret Bednar, March 23, 2016

This is linked with "Poets United Midweek Motif - Climate"  

The winter beach is officially over and spring pricing is well under way.  I love the discounted rates and truly love the solitude and beauty of what the ocean has to offer during it's "off season", winter.


Susan said...

You take me there and more. You have the atmosphere swirling against my skin and the histories playing inside, secure in the knowledge of strong presence of family despite the fragility of the moving land. Fascinating!

Margaret, please relink as the first brought me back to PU. I don't have my password here, so couldn't fix it before Monday.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Margaret you took me right there. I, too, loved winter season best in Tofino, when the beach was mine alone and the waves were wild. Beautifully written.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Lovely :D I agree with Sherry, you made us feel like we were right there with you. Beautifully penned.

Lots of love,

Jae Rose said...

There is a great warmth in this - both for location and more importantly family..i love the image of your son being wrapped up and the warm breakfast that followed - the best things in life

annell said...

I loved this piece, it brought to mind the days we spent at the beach, I thought those days would go on forever, but suddenly they came to an end, it was over, someone drowned and I traded the salt air and the sea gulls for a home in the high mountain had to be something different, I didn't want to be has been 20 years now, like yesterday, a long time ago....the old saying, "you can't go home again," is so true. "The folks are gone and the dog died," we can only go I follow my own footsteps in the sand of the desert, make note of the colors, sing to myself the song of the gulls, as I remember it.

Jennifer Wagner said...

Sigh...I agree with what so many others have already said--you made me feel it as if I were there. Just lovely.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Such a lovely setting...I can feel the cold breeze and sand upon my face for your words pulled me right in. Beautiful writing Margaret!! :-)

Hannah said...

Meditative, exuberant, exquisite...lush. Well written, Margaret.

Amit Agarwal said...

Thank you for taking me there with you..lovely poem:)

kaykuala said...

Romping around on the beach sure is fun despite the coolness of the retreating cold months. The kids take it the same whatever months or situations! Wonderful lines Marge!


Nicholas V said...

A delightful poem, Margaret. Intimate, yet universally appreciable and so full of love! I so enjoyed reading this.