Friday, February 26, 2016

My son, William Bednar "In Winter" a poem

My Son, William Bednar, Actor, Writer, Poet, Musician
His Band:

"In Winter" 
by William Bednar 

The sweetest love
Is love that’s innocent,
And you have always known
The child in me
And loved these paws,
My soft, symphoric hands,
That love the miles
Of snowfall in your eyes.
Tomorrow will renew today
And herald in our holly-tide,
Will charm December, wake
The sleeping World into parity,
And revel with
The sudden solstice
Of our hearts.
In love, I learn the truth
Of the unlearned soul;
Each moment is a dance,
Each hour is mint
And cinnamon and snow,
Each kiss is fresh
When months are cold,
Each minute new
When days are short,
And when my love
Is worn by you.


angieinspired said...

No fair, your son seems to posses a myriad of talents! Glad you shared it though. I can get past the initial jealousy and celebrate his gifts. :)

Margaret said...

...I certainly learn from him, he not from me (when it comes to poetry - I refuse to listen to his political views (ha ha) Or maybe, perhaps I can take some credit - maybe I created that early environment of allowing him the freedom to learn when he was so young - homeschooled him through 3rd grade - well a little longer, but he was ready and wanting to get into an (arts centered) charter school - which also continued his creative journey.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful poem this is, Margaret, and what a talented young man!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Wagner said...

This is lovely. You must be so proud of your handsome, talented boy!