Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Autumnal Serenade"

Autumnal Serenade

Summer's thrift
baskets beneath Autumn's sky,
tumbles, stacks ornamental
upon doorsteps.

Scarves, cabled and cowled,
wrap about shoulders and necks,
calloused palms clasp wooden rakes
as leaves no longer cleave

to branch and stem,
and winter's rift has yet to rear
and strike.  Slanted sun stills upon cheeks

while window sill, flung aside,
serenades with promise
of wandering woodland walks
and wind-blown hair.

by Margaret Bednar, October 8, 2015

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads -  Get Listed for October".  I used the combinations thrift/rift  and  wander/wonder.  


Mama Zen said...

This has some really cool line breaks, Margaret. Much enjoyed.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such a beautiful seasonal poem, the lyrical quality is very soothing.

Jim said...

Thank you, Margaret. This one helps me to appreciate the Fall we have, even here in southern Texas. Instead of high 90's we are getting a typical 91.. Our leaves will turn, some of them, withe the first frost which might come late November. Neverthertess sorter days and cooler breeze are welcome. I call them "top down days."

brudberg said...

First frost came this morning here.. As I bicycled to work the fog was dancing above the lake.. I think this might be part of my weekend.. raking those leaves.

Anonymous said...

A golden richness to this, somehow rough and fine, like corn-silk broken free of husks. Rich as cider. Great job, Margaret.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I wish you would link your auditory recitations to the bottom of each poem. For me it enhances the poetic experience to hear Poetry Mom's recitation while re-reading the poem; just saying. Some of us do this already, & I love it when I stumble across one out on the trail. You paean to Autumn is masterful, as Michael's words are woven into your Fall quilt. I like the lines /calloused palms clasp wooden rakes/as leaves no longer cleave/to branch & stem/.

Hannah said...

Wonderful sound play and imagery, Margaret!

kaykuala said...

while window-sills, flung aside,
serenade with promises
of wandering woodland walks
and wind-blown hair.

There is always the promise of things nice and well in the offing all coupled with nice long walks. How nice Marge!


Loredana Donovan said...

Beautiful imagery and I love the picture :)

grapeling said...

I like how you slipped in cleave / leaves - another pairing I wish I'd though of! Sorry for being so late to visit; not much poetry for me these days. Thank you for adding your voice. ~ M