Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"A Promise"

Scene from my son's play "Courting Wendy"
 A Promise
by William R. Bednar

I want your always
   And your nevers;
To hold afraid, to find
   Tomorrow in your hands.
My Darling, take my yesterdays,
   My brinks, my fulls,
My almosts,
   And my evers.
Live on the cusp of me,
   The changing country
Where I'm learning you
   Daily, the yearning
Where I grasp upon
   Your lily eyelids
And chart the freckled landscape
   Below your throat.
I want your far aways,
   Your nears, your future,
      And your present.
I want the softness
   Of your secrets
And the sureness
   Of your soul's endeavors.
Lean upon my childish heart
   And dance with my desire.
Bask in this brief eternity,
   Our bodies brimming fire, fire.
Scene from my son's play "Courting Wendy"

My son will be graduating from college in a couple of months with a BFA in drama (acting) and he will be moving to NYC.  He is a writer, a poet, a singer, an actor… and I wanted to share with you one of his latest poems.  I am trying to encourage him to look into publishing his poems…

This poem stands alone from his play "Courting Wendy" - it is not a part of that script.  I just thought it sweet as the young lady in the photo is his girlfriend and the poem is written for her.   In his play, my son played Peter Pan and his girlfriend, a grown up Wendy.  

Even though this is NOT my poem, I have from time to time shared his work here with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Tuesday Platform."  The images are from my iPhone using the Waterlogue App.  


Kerry O'Connor said...

Your son is a remarkable talent, and it is heartening to see a young man pursue his artistic dreams over a more conventional career path. I have seen so many students give up their passion for the 'safe' option.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your son is so talented, in so many directions. Isnt it wonderful to watch them blossom? The young couple's joy is so evident in the photos....may they be joyous, always.

Björn Rudberg said...

What a very nice love poem.. I felt that the words danced in joy, just like your picture.. wonderful..

Janet Martin said...

always enjoy his work!and proud mamas are allowed to share:) this is so good, both the photo and poem!

Jazzbumpa said...

that is a wonderful love poem


kaykuala said...

Beautiful poetry Marge! He sure is talented very much following your path. We'll hear more of your son certainly! Going to NYC is to be with the vibrant fine arts crowd there - a brilliant move!


Brian Miller said...

Live on the cusp of me,
The changing country
Where I'm learning you
Daily, the yearning...

this is where the poem turns for me...you build the yearning prior, but this starts real creativity for me...love the line on grasping the eyelids and charting the freckles..ha

Laura said...

This is beautiful… what a gifted young man your son is. I'd love to see the play, I'm sure it is wonderful too.

Susie Clevenger said...

Such talent. I am so familiar with a child who possesses a theater degree. May his journey be blessed.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I'm glad you shared it. A lovely read and a unique style.

Jim said...

Thank you for bringing us another of your son's poems, Margaret. This one speaks so nicely of young love's feelings of all sorts romantic. I liked the segue at the going down (sneaky, too, to her freckles) to below her throat. It is a poem that I wish I had memorized when we, Mrs. Jim and I, were courting.
So tender, so sweet.