Friday, October 10, 2014

"Appalachian Night"

Appalachian Night

Blue haze drifts o'er mountain's back,
chords strummed, tempo set

rhinestones polished.  "Get out the try"
a game lovers and losers play

roll the dice, game faces on,
husky voices, hidden feelings

as moon's shadow hides a kiss.
Another sighs as stakes are lost,

mountain's blue dips into black
and love loses its shine.

by Margaret Bednar, October 10, 2014

for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Music with Marian - Donna the Buffalo "I See How You Are"  Listen to the clip below and follow your inspiration…   I had 10 minutes to "play" with this - and it just so happens I was up in the mountains this past weekend where Bluegrass was born.


Anonymous said...

Terrific last lines!

Björn Rudberg said...

those nights are the worst... except for that one person..

LB said...

"roll the dice, game faces on,
husky voices, hidden feelings"

- Love these lines. Playing games and hiding how we feel - isn't that what we give and get when "love loses its shine"?

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Love your close here--must be gorgeous where you are

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, Margaret, pitch perfect with the song and rhinestone-shined with ennui.

annell said...

It was a perfect response to the song…you describe a lonely song.

Grandmother (Mary) said...

Moody, soulful- the song and your poem.

Anonymous said...

Your write is just as good as the quality of the prompt song of blues awesome. Great combination!
Well Done!

Marian said...

love it, winners make losers at this game. nice, Margaret.

Katy Magee said...

"get out the try" - love it!

Helen said...

Sad, when love loses its shine.

Kim Nelson said...

Who doesn't love bluegrass? Your poem made me happy to wander through my mind and reminisce of songs past. A nice respite from Monday, busy Monday.