Tuesday, September 2, 2014


from Claudia Schoenfeld's Flickr Page

I walked a rainbow
today, no curve or arch,
but between a radiance
so pure.

I breathed it in,
held the high, exhaled,
even fondled a few
I shouldn't.  Found myself
wishing I liked beets.

Went overboard
with the strawberries.
Some I'll blend with orange,
banana, blueberries,
add two cups spinach
(the kids will never know)

the rest are mounded
upon kitchen counter
overflowing with
sun and rain's caress.

Googled and found
"20 Favorite Strawberry Recipes",
slip on my apron (it always
gives me confidence).
Remind myself to breath it in.
I've got this.

by Margaret Bednar, September 2, 2014

"20 Favorite Strawberry Recipes" and "Strawberry Smoothie"

This is for "dVerse Poetics - Sketch in Out"  Claudia Schoenfeld is sharing her Flickr watercolor sketches with us today.   Mine is from a sketch she calls "Farmers Market".

p.s.  The Strawberry-Mint Sparkling Limeade is amazing.  HERE


Mary said...

What a delicious poem you have written, Margaret. Strawberries are so delicious this time of year, aren't they? And it sounds as if you are making smoothies. Add some kale and turmeric as well!) And never mind the beets!

TexWisGirl said...

so cute.

Anonymous said...

Your words are just delicious.

Gabriella said...

The cook in me just loves this poem. We do enjoy a surfeit of produce at the moment, be it strawberries, tomatoes or zucchini. It is time to enjoy them all (even with a handful of spinach) before winter comes back.

Truedessa said...

This took me to the farmers market that I have been visiting to buy
fresh fruits and veggies. The strawberries are very juicy and the blueberries delicious.

Brian Miller said...

mmm can i have some of the fruit...and the smoothie? even with spinach...smiles....i walked a rainbow....a cool description of a farmers market....

Helen said...

A mom after my own heart .. sneaking spinach into dishes .. never saying one word.
Lovely poem, Margaret.

Heaven said...

Sounds, tastes and looks good to me ~ I like the blending of fruits and colors, yummy ~

Anonymous said...

We too love the farmer's market, and you have captured it. Too soon ours will be stopping.

Bodhirose said...

What a colorful representation of Claudia's colorful market place scene. I do love beets and strawberries...and love how your apron gives you confidence...smiles.

Claudia said...

strawberries with spinach...wow...i never tried this but oh i love strawberries...they so speak to me of summer and when it is season i really have strawberries each day - ha - love how you capture summer's smile with this margaret..walking a rainbow...cool

Björn Rudberg said...

Love how you get inspired by cooking.. There have been days when I get this' inspired.. The apron giving confidence.. That's a great line

ayala said...

Love the descriptions :) cool ending as well.

George said...

Wonderful, Margaret!

Sumana Roy said...

delicious words..your adding spinach and wearing apron made me smile..:)

Glenn Buttkus said...

Farmer's markets are true wonderlands, heavy on my mind today; just saw THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY, & the scenes in the marketplaces in France were just as you have described them; lovely response to Claudia's sketch.

Still said...

Marketplaces are so much fun. Love fresh food and your descriptions go so well with the pic. Nicely done.

Peggy said...

Lovely description Margaret. I enjoyed the walk through the market.

Anonymous said...

"I walked a rainbow". Lovely line to start a wonderful poem. Loved the part about wishing that you liked beets :-)

Susan said...

"I walked a rainbow
today, no curve or arch,
but between a radiance
so pure.

I breathed it in . . . "

Yes, I do this on Saturdays. Claudia's painting evokes all of that. Beautiful. This poems leads to a new picture in your kitchen. Yes?

Michael Grogan said...

Lovely Margaret, the mention of strawberries does it for me every time.

Kathy said...

After reading all the comments I can say you have expressed many of our own feelings brought to life through Claudia's art and your words.....and even a great idea for Claudia to start to offer her art for sale from her own website!! This would be great with your poem right next to it on a wall!!

Raining Iguanas said...

Abundant words for sure and a great visual to top them off.

kaykuala said...

Googled and found
"20 Favorite Strawberry Recipes",
slip on my apron (it always
gives me confidence).

How nice to have found a treasure trove!The whole family can look forward to good times! Great lines Marge!