Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Dear Moon"

Dear Moon

Oh swarthy, starless night,
your filtered, speckled light fans
through green feathered leaves
as I muse my yesterdays,
my tomorrows.

Shine bright, dear moon,
pull ocean's waves toward my toes,
smooth today's journey -

I'll take that as absolution.

Perhaps it's the martini,
but I feel lighter.  I stir your reflection,
take another sip, and sigh.

by Margaret Bednar, March 20, 2014

I was on spring break with three of my children - their favorite city we visited was Savannah, GA.  I do adore that city as well, but I fell in LOVE with St. Augustine, FL.  Perhaps because it was my first time visiting this place, but the beach, the history, the architecture … I needed more than a day and a half.  I will be back.

This is for Friday Flash 55 with the G-Man - he will play host only one more weekend after today.  He has hosted for seven years and is passing the baton onto someone else whom he will reveal next week - but he promises to stick around and continue joining in the fun - so that makes me happy.  


TALON said...

This was beautiful, Margaret. It made me sigh (in envy) :)

Janet Martin said...

...sigh, me too;) so gorgeous!

G-Man said...

Lunar Love...
The stuff that poems are made of!
And I for one Loved your Moonlit 55
Thanks for always being so classy
Thanks for your years of support and friendship. Have a Kick Ass Week-End
(Love St Augustine too, The Bridge of Lions, The Fountain of Youth, The Key Lime Pie from The Publix Bakery)

Margaret said...

G-Man - I wasn't there long enough to get to know her that well - but I am going to stay much longer next time! Thank you for always making Thursdays fun, not to mention your always kind words!

Alice Audrey said...

You make me want to go on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Savannah is a cool town. Haven't been to St Augustine - but I remember reading about super thick walls to ward off cannon balls. ~

Gabriella said...

I enjoyed your thoughtful poem, the musing yesterdays and tomorrows as well as the touch of Martini at the end. It seems you had a lovely vacation.

Mary said...

What a beautiful scene you have created. Nice that some evenings have this kind of effect on a person. I love "I stir your reflection.' Have a good weekend, Margaret.

Laura said...

Enjoy this time of rest and relaxation Margaret…. I love your ode to the moon. It was so miraculous last weekend!

Stacy Lynn said...

i absolutely LOVED this! you brought me back to the beach...the reflection of moonlight atop the ocean. i always feel such serenity when i'm near the water, perhaps it is the pisces in me.

stacy lynn mar

izzy said...

Feathery foot dabbling in moon lit water WOULD be nice! Thanks!
I love those 2 cities for their beauty and history- especially St. Augustine for their dedication to writing art and music!

Mr. Charleston said...

It has indeed been a lovely full moon this month.

Helen said...

This is dreamy, Margaret. So glad you enjoyed Spring Break! I had many opportunities to visit St. Augustine during the years we lived in Orlando ... I fell in love with it too.

Other Mary said...

There is something amazing about being on the beach under a full moon at night. Beautiful description Margaret.

Björn said...

What a beautiful thought.. I'm sure the Martini mingled with moonshine ,, hmm not what I meant.. I visited both Savannah and S:t Augustine last year.. and I agree S:t Augustine was wonderful .. especially the Gallery Night when we were there..