Friday, February 7, 2014

"Weekend Get-a-Way"

Weekend Get-a-Way

Beachside.  The word itself
draws a sigh.  Sand, sun,
not summer's emerald tinted waves,
but winters slate-gray
courts Atlantic's vast expanse. 

Her steady, almost solemn breath
greets us each morn, dolphins slice
parallel paths, seagulls pose
against a tangerine sky,
the perfect whelk, collected,

our footprints imprint our brief sojourn
upon her tide-swept shore.

by Margaret Bednar, February 7, 2014

This is for Friday Flash 55.  I am STILL re-running the two weekends I had with different daughters at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Ocracoke is my favorite island, and I can't wait to go back.

For those of you who are living in the wintery wonderland of "Antarctica Michigan" and other northern states of the U.S.A, maybe if you do what I did when I wrote this … closed my eyes and tried to feel the heat of the sun and sand - maybe this will warm you a bit.


Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful photos and words Margaret...I love the beach in has its own story away from hot sun and burnt footsteps

Mr. Charleston said...

I've been jonesing for a beach walk. Maybe Sunday morning. The weather's supposed to be nice. Yeah, thanks Margaret.

Lisa Gordon said...

So nicely done, Margaret, and I just love the first photograph here.

Have a great weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the respite. :)

Grace said...

I am envious ~ Enjoy your weekend with your family ~

Mama Zen said...

This is peaceful and beautiful, Margaret.

G-Man said...

If I closed my eyes THAT long they would freeze shut.
I know in a few months we will be walking along a sandy beach.
(I will be anyway, in Michigan)
So your post was a welcome respite
Loved your Dreamy 55
Thanks for playing, you have always been wonderful to the Friday Fun, Have a Kick Ass Week-End

izzy said...

Always wanted to visit the outer banks! finally made it to
Chincoteague though! thanks for the glimpse!

Gabriella said...

I always enjoy your beach poems, Margaret! I have spent a few weekends on Swedish islands and loved it each time. Great photos!

Mary said...

And those footprints DO fade so fast...just like life, as we look back.

hedgewitch said...

Great use of color and all the visuals in this Margaret. A lovely spot--thanks for sharing it with us winterbound folks, and hope you can return soon. (I can't complain too much about winter here, though, as it is always only temporary--7 degrees last week, 60's by next week.)

Wander said...

This actually strikes a sad cord in me...maybe the last two lines are the reason...transitory...


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