Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"The Stage"

LOVE Ellen!  She interviewed the band that created "What Does the Fox Say".

This is not a fox - but the "Maned Wolf" from South America

"The Stage"

Crows circle and caw
as Cooper hawk approaches,
silent wings beating;

forest erupts, becomes
an open Greek theatre.

On warm, fallen leaves
fox raises his head,
sniffs, curious if a comedy
or tragedy's at hand;

slinks off.  Will return
after the kill.

by Margaret Bednar, November 20, 2013

Over at the "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Words Count with Mama Zen" we are to interpret "What does  the Fox Say" in 43 words or less. … I've heard that song one too many times (my six year old knows it by heart.)  I think he must just crave a NAP after all the commotion…

Here are fantastic photos of a male fox HERE taken by photographer Ann Brokelman - she lives in Toronto.

My image above is of a gorgeous creature of South America - seems like a cross between a wolf and a fox, but is its own species, I believe.  We have two at our local zoo - Maned Wolf HERE.


Kerry O'Connor said...

I like the way you positioned your fox to the side of the drama, patiently waiting on his bed of leaves for the spoils.

Mama Zen said...

I have to echo Kerry's comment. I like the way you've taken us into an entire scene.

Anonymous said...

took a bit of re-adjustment after watching the Ellen video (hilarious) and managed to turn it off before they got too many bars into the song.

as above, keen change in POV from the fox's perspective. well crafted, Margaret ~

Friko said...

Eh? Completely new to me, But definitely fun.

I like your poem very much, after the song it was quite a change in atmosphere.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I adore this and LOVED the video. Ellen rocks! I had not heard this song till this prompt but I love it. My grandson writes VERY alternative music and some of it sounds like this. It blows me away.

Your poem - a glimpse of nature, as it is : pure and wild. Love that too!

Marian said...

yeah, oooh i did not expect this and really like the sparseness of your message.

Hannah said...

Well gee whiz!! I got trapped watching all kinds of other Ellen clips! I love her. The emotional baby sweet.

I really like the complete feeling within this poem...the story that plays out in so few words...that really is quite a feat, Margaret.
Well done!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your take on the prompt, Margaret! as others have said, wonderfully written with the fox as a bystander rather than villian.

sorry, i won't listen to that song one more time if i can help it! {smile}

TexWisGirl said...

had never heard that song (although i know folks have referenced it before) - no little ones in my household to play it over and over. :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Love your poem...the fox sniffs to see if it will be a comedy or tragedy in the Greek theater...Ellen's interview is hilarious.

humbird said...

'slinks off. Will return
after the kill.' ~ cold description...and his attitude: comedy or tragedy ~ cool write.

Sumana Roy said...

cool dramatic moments.........ooooh the sly fox...simply grand....... :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Poor you, with a 6-year-old singing that song.
I love the photo, even if it's not a fox, it's gorgeous.
And I could picture the crows, the hawk, the fox curious at first, but wise enough to leave and come back after the kill.

Sam Edge said...

"A greek theater" thats a perfect image

Ella said...

I too love the theater and his wait!
Your description is vivid and curious-just like a fox~

Anonymous said...

Very creative and original take on the prompt. Nicely done.

Ginnie said...

LOL. What the fox says will never be the same, after watching Ellen sing it. HA! I love it.

Raining Iguanas said...

That was fun! Always find myself smiling during Ellen.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oooo! I picture the beauty of the fox in the woods performing in a Greek theatre! Lovely! :)