Monday, September 30, 2013

"All in Good Time"

All in Good Time

Barberries march warlike paths,
scouts prepared for change,

otherwise green still hangs
heavily upon branches,
solemnly silent as Summer
gasps her last.

Unseen forest sprites
scamper ahead, play "he loves me,
he loves me not" as I come upon
yellow petals plucked, one by one,

find evidence of their
seasonal party - pink confetti
collected upon woodland leaves,
ready for Autumn's cleansing breath,

spy a few hints of gold,
long for nature's "showstopper",
impatiently remind myself
"All in good time.  All in good time."

by Margaret Bednar, September 30, 2013

This "eager for Autumn" poem is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's Open Link Monday".


Jim said...

This is so very nice, Margaret. I was holding my breath, just waiting for more hints that Autumn was coming very soon.

My favorite line? "... green still hangs heavily ... ,
solemnly silent as Summer
gasps her last."
The leaves were waiting and watching too.

Ella said...

I love the dance of nature! You captured its beauty~ I love pink confetti-I always say that about my apple blossom trees!

Beautiful Margaret!

Brian Miller said...

smiling at your seasonal party....seeing its evidence...this time of year i love all the brilliant colors...and squirrels...i must have seen 100 of them today...

Debi Swim said...

all in good time : )

Very nice!

Susie Clevenger said...

Such a beautiful poem...the waiting breath for all the brilliant leaves of fall...all in good time. Margaret, I got your test messages on my blog. I also got your comment on my poem. Thank you.

Laura said...

"find evidence of their
seasonal party - pink confetti
collected upon woodland leaves,
ready for Autumn's cleansing breath," Love this Margaret... and now onto a new party as the leaves light up as if from within! Beautiful photos!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I have no idea what a barberry is but your opening line is such an excellent description of how they sit along the branch that I was already applauding.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Now you have me anxious for fall's beautiful show.

Anonymous said...

My friend ~ For me, every exploded in different dialects in the oneness of nature ! Faithfully Debbie

Poet Laundry said...

I love it! From the Barberries march warlike the forest the woodland leaves... and all the way through, such an enchanting piece. Summer is beautiful but Autumn's colors are my favorite. Fall is definitely the season showstopper!

Heaven said...

Beautiful colors & pictures ~ Specially love this part:

ready for Autumn's cleansing breath,

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of sprites playing "She loves me" and that's how the petals fell. A great many poems about the fall, and they are all helping me prepare for the long winter. Thank you for a soothing, optimistic look at the season! Amy

Kim Nelson said...

The garden details you so vividly illustrate are reminders of the importance of appreciating the now and having patience with the natural cycles at work.

Friko said...

All in good time . . . .

But now it is autumn and its brilliance s upon us. I love it. And I love your poem about it.

Brian Miller said...

most of the kids got a trip out of me being a woman...

there were a few disrespectful comments...and there was one kid that everytime he saw me acted pissed off...i kept watching that one...ha...

luckily my twin chose flats and not heels...and slacks and no skirt..but i was willing to go skirt if need be...