Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dVerse - Open Link Night Week 111 "I Live Within"

I love to daydream in a flower garden.  Where do you like to daydream?

Would you like to hear this poem read to you by my son?

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I Live Within

I live within a rev'rie, dance
to Mozart's symphonies and chance
to spread my wings and fly afar
upon imagination's star.

Of truth and knowledge, fine romance
until with jealousy, askance
does dogma take a jealous stance
and cleave and claw a bright red scar!
I live within.

Embrace I must the world and prance
and place a dream's hypnotic trance
upon the minds of those who are
so limited by judgement's glare.
To miracles!  To truth's advance!
I live within.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, July 13, 2012 (REPOSTED 8-27-2013)

This is a rondeau poem which was tricky for me to do...my son pointed out a "fix".  Reverie did not work with the "count" for a rondeau, so I borrowed from Shakespeare (can't go wrong there, right? :)  (Reverie: daydream)

Believe it or not, Albert  Einstein was a daydreamer and considered that and perseverance his greatest assets.   My poem is what I think he would like us all to do... embrace not just what we know, but embrace the world so our knowledge, our truth, can expand!

A quote from him I love is:  "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."  I used the word "fancy" because it fit the rhythm of my structured poem.

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What kind of daydream is kitty having in this "secondhand" bookstop?


Mary said...

I really enjoyed the rhythm of your rondeau, Margaret. I just love the upbeat ending...

"To miracles! To truth's advance!" Yes, oh yes!

Claudia said...

einstein was a fascinating personality... and quite off-beat as well...ha...always good for a surprise and always a bit uncalculatable..which i like... cool rhythm in your poem margaret and heck yes - embracing the world is a wonderful thing...

Anonymous said...

This rewards re-reading. I enjoyed it several times.

Brian Miller said...

nice...love the fluidity...the last line you repeat in the second and third have a nice STOP to them....which gives it effect as well....very cool poem margaret....and i am with you on truths advance...smiles.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I like the rhythm and the flow as well. Very nice.

Kathryn said...

Love the visual punch of 'cleave and claw a bright red scar'.

Beachanny said...

Wondrous music and a dance - a form that embraces as it prances - full of embroidery, such fine stitchery, every line enlivens me.


Mama Zen said...

Beautiful, Margaret!

Outlawyer said...

Lovely dancing poem and great pics. I especially like the reflections in the water of what I guess is a fountain and the oddness of Dracula next to the Dalai Lama-- so fanciful. Agree with the Fairy tales too. This is Karin of Manicddaily on iPhone that wants to use old blogger account. K.

Poet Laundry said...

I think this is my new favorite of yours! Or one of them. Love it...and yours and his sentiments as well.

paintswithwords said...

I like this, they tone and lilt to the read and the message. the last stanza I favor..yes, indeed life in all its fullness and grow beyond the limits of judgement & a closed mind. Well done.

The Happy Amateur said...

I think Einstein would approve :-) Embracing the world, daydreaming, searching and finding. When I was a child I had no doubt whatsoever that Einstein was a circus clown (I figured that when I saw him sticking out his tongue in a famous photograph.)

Ginny Brannan said...

Beautiful rondeau, it flows so well, the form all but disappears except to enhance your choice of words and subject. Well done, Margaret.

BTW, love your image of reading the dVerse Anthology. I think you get the prize for "unique!" :-)

James Rainsford said...

Brilliantly rhymed and well constructed. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

kaykuala said...

Wonderful new form, a rondeau! It's rhyming beautifully Marge! Flows smoothly and easy!


Susan said...

I so love the embrace of contradictions which risks all but also risks gaining all and keeping presence and dignity as well.

grapeling said...

worth re-reading, Margaret :) ~ M

Ginnie said...

How delightful to hear Will read your poem, Margaret. Your entire family is SOOOOO creative and artistic. How can you stand it!

Where do I daydream? Probably most while I'm walking around our citadel city or to one of our grocery stores 20 minutes away. It's almost always when I tie up lots of loose ends, too. :)