Friday, June 7, 2013

IGWRT's Music with Marian "Lady with the Ring"

Lady with the Ring

It's not so much a prayer
as a plea:

See me!
Light the votives,

petition prayers
for my soul another day.

A grave robber's Lazarus
am I, not a sign,

but praise the Lord
just the same.

Through flickering light
I appear

not spirit, but flesh
for your loving eyes to caress,

your hands to wash clean,
to tuck between cotton sheets,

your lips to kiss the golden ring
that brought me back to you.

by Margaret Bednar, June 7, 2013

Our family loves to sit around a bonfire and tell ghost/scary stories.  I've never heard this story before, and a summary can be found here:  Lady with the Ring.  (a husband buried his beloved wife with her wedding ring on.  That night a grave robber digs her grave up.  He is about to cut her finger off and steal the ring when she wakes up!  She had been buried alive by mistake!)

Below Tim Eriksen sings his version of this tale "Leave Your Light On".  (Facebook page HERE)

This is linked with and for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's Music with Marian "Hardcore Americana"

I also had to link his cool banjo version of "Amazing Grace" (I think it's a banjo)


Marian said...

oooh, Margaret! i love this well done. spooky, even, and thoughtful. i especially like the end, and the tucking in between cotton sheets. love it. i bet we could find a version of this ghost story online somewhere. if i find it, i'll link it back to you here. i know there's a little discussion about it on Tim's youtube page, on the page with this video (if you actually watch it in youtube and can see the comments). i wanna go do a campfire with your family!

izzy said...

I love this piece - don't know the story tho- I will listen to the 2 songs! thanks! would love a ghost story around the camp fire!

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

As a child in Austria, I went to viewings in homes. I never witnessed one, but there were many stories of people coming Back to life.

Amazing Grace is my favorite song (mostly done on bagpipes) but this rendition is quite interesting.

Your poem is haunting.

Flash 55 - Revenge by Chance

Kay L. Davies said...

Yes, haunting is the word, Margaret.
"your hands to wash clean,
to tuck between cotton sheets," and so well done!

Mama Zen said...

This is so perfect! I love it!

kaykuala said...

not spirit, but flesh
for your loving eyes to caress
your lips to kiss the golden ring
that brought me back to you

How sweet! That endearing feeling so well captured. Great take Marge!


Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the way you have retold this tale. I was struck by the strength of love that brought the woman back to seek her husband.

Hannah said...

Oh, Margaret!! To be a fly on the wall of the gatherings you mention! I bet you tell the best of the best!

I love your bring an air of seduction with your passionate well written! :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Such a lovely way to rewrite the have someone come back to life because of a love so strong. Charlie's father actually came back to life. The doctor had called the time of death and were removing all the medical equipment and he came back to life. I really think he did it because Charlie wasn't there. He lived long enough for Charlie to get there and although his dad couldn't respond verbally he responded with nods whenever he was asked a question. He passed away a day later. btw I liked your suggestion for my poem and changed the wording. Thanks!

Margaret said...

If I understand the story correctly she was buried alive by mistake. The grave robber, because of greed, dug her up to steal her ring!

Helen said...

Not a prayer, a plea ... splendid poem Margaret. (I also love singing, spinning tales around a campfire)

Lolamouse said...

You turned this song and tale into such a beautiful poem! Perfect for the campfire!

Ginnie said...

Listening to the banjo video, Margaret, makes me wonder if you ever saw the "Songcatcher" movie about the music of Appalachia? OMG.

Margaret said...

Ginnie - No, but it is on my list to watch! (Aidan Quinn!! I LOVE him) Thanks for reminding me about this!)