Sunday, June 2, 2013

IGWRT's Birthday in June - "Sweet Thang"

Fried Pickels, Hushpuppies, & She-Crab Soup - Hyman's Restaurant, Charleston, SC
Sweet Thang

I've never had a soft
nor flirtatious voice,
just a matter-of-fact,
(I prefer to call it) honest
approach to life.

My manners aren't rude,
though that label's
been thrown at me
a time or two.

I'd love to think
"Darlin'", "Shuga", "Honey"
unnecessary bedazzlements
that need never tickle my tongue,

but moving South, I've learned:
to quench my thirst with sweet tea;
appreciate coleslaw in my barbecue;
praise hushpuppies and she-crab soup;
enjoy okra, pickles, tomatoes - fried.

Why not learn to bat my lashes,
hover a smile about my lips,
purr, "Well, bless your heart,

They say a Southern Belle
is a gentle soul.  I see her
as a damn fine actress.

by Margaret Bednar, June 2, 2013

This is my RANT for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's - A Birthday in June - Get Ready to Howl" celebrating birthday boy, Allen Ginsberg.  My rant is not political, but personal.  If I wasn't SO STUBBORN, I'd have made life a lot easier for myself and embraced a bit of southern charm.  Maybe a few more mint juleps and we will see...

How to Make a Traditional Southern Mint Julep Cocktail:


Susie Clevenger said...

Love this...especially a damn fine actress. I have a tendency to put the hand on my hip while I glare with a smile. I have too much of my mama's attitude in me. :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah, well... I've often been asked why I have to be so honestly averse to comp'ny, with no ability to sugar-coat my acerbic manners with charm. People must take me as they find me, if they can find me.

Mary said...

Margaret, this is a great piece! I do wonder if Southerners who move to the North find it so different too....or if they have an easier time adjusting to Northern Ways.

Fireblossom said...

This is priceless. It's true, all those soft endearments have double meanings, depending. You have to have a Southern-to-English phrasebook to know!

TexWisGirl said...

i LOVED this! having relocated to texas, it's a bit more cowboy southern but still very southern. and i had to morph my ways, too. :)

Margaret said...

Texas. The country of boots, hats, and attitude! I loved living in San Antonio for three years

Sam Edge said...

A very introspective rant

Mama Zen said...

Damn right she is! Love this, Margaret!

Loredana Donovan said...

What a great piece! I love this! I don't have anything to rant about, not publicly anyway. :) I didn't do this challenge, but enjoyed your take. And I love your matter-of-fact attitude. I tend to be pretty direct, too. Southern charm though is ... well ... charming :)

Marian said...

love it, Margaret. stick to those guns :)

De said...

LOVE that last line. :)

Helen said...

Great poem Margaret, y'all aced it, Honeypie!

I've lived South, North, East, West ~ does that make me an Academy Award winning actress ???

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, Margaret, it's SO true. I lived in a small town with my pastor hubby and was supposed to fit into the round hole of the last pastor's wife. Me, the square peg. I didn't even try. I decided to be a calm version of myself and they still hated my guts.

Guess I don't try when I know I'm bound to lose anyway... you are to be applauded for your effort. I cannot spare the energy!! Amy

Kay L. Davies said...

Just be yourself, Margaret. It's the best any of us can do, in the long run.

Hannah said... your take on a rant, Margaret!! AND now I'm craving some great Southern food! ;)

Ella said...

Bravo Margaret!
I'm living it-I'm not from here, so my transplanted roots sometimes are in shock! Shock lives everywhere though...

Anonymous said...

I've missed your poetry ~ this has an elegant yet downright sassy, hot, cool flaver! A Southern blossom ! I'm grateful I didn't miss this~ Been ill, but getting better ~ Thank you for letting your art explode! Faithfully Debbie

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your howl. And in Scarlett O'hara style, yes, she is an actress! Well said, kiddo.

Susan said...

Yes, Mam, exactly. Took me awhile to learn this as a new Southerner. I am not sure I ever learned the act and the power!

Jessica Arsenault said...

It is hard to flirt! Love your honest voice :)

Lolamouse said...

I lived in SC for 5 years and never could fit in! I found it funny that the women there would say things like, "He's dumber than a bag of rocks, bless his heart." I do miss the sweet tea and barbeque, though!