Sunday, June 30, 2013

belated Friday Flash 55 & Fireblossom Friday "Longing"

My youngest - five years ago...

To sink into
a creampuff cheek,
inhale powder fresh,
nuzzle featherdown,
gaze into eyes
constantly seeking mine.

Motherhood still soars:
fragile, full, fierce,
but I long for an embrace
fully protective,

not this searing longing
I stamp down, heart skipping,
leaving me breathless,
as they rush out the door,
distracted kiss upon my cheek.

by Magaret Bednar, June 30, 2013, revised July 1st.

Late to Friday Flash 55's party, but hey, I'll help clean up :)  Also linked with "Fireblossom Friday - Loss".

I've been absent a bit from the computer these past weeks spending summertime with my children.   I saw a young couple holding a tiny baby - felt my hands and arms tingle - I ached so for a little one (and I've already done the puppy thing).  - funny thing is my youngest is only 5!  (but I know how fast time flies - my oldest is almost 21).

I reworked this poem a bit from its original.  I had it a bit more fearful of letting them go and that really isn't the case.  I enjoy watching them spread their wings and I have full confidence in their abilities.  


Fireblossom said...

I hear you! My son is 28, and I sometimes miss the days when he was small. (but other days, I don't! I have the peace and quiet and time to write poems, which I didn't, then!)

grapeling said...

My 14 year old just stole my coolest pair of tennis shoes. I'm officially left with dorky old-man kicks. He said, smiling, I didn't deserve them. You paint a vivid picture - fatherhood is much the same, at least for me. I remember so well when they were sweet more than smelly. :) Thanks for the reminder, Margaret.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL baby. I so hear you. I raised four, then helped raise four grandkids, have babysat for years and I STILL go all broody at the sight of a baby. Sigh. It all goes by TOO FAST. I so identify with the closing lines - those precious toes testing the deep waters.......great write, kiddo! Love it.

TexWisGirl said...

spending summertime with your kids - that's the best you can do with your time!!! :)

Marian said...

ooooh yes, yes!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I made eye-contact with a blue-eyed babe over his father's shoulder in the store this morning - took all my self-control not to invite him home with me. (The baby - not the father)

Grace said...

He is adorable ~ My babies are all grown up now, youngest is 14. Yesterday at the beach, I saw those adorable little toes running and playing in the sands ~ Goodness, they are so cute and cuddly ~

Brian Miller said...

smiles. this summer i notice the seperating a bit...the early moves to independence so i am relishing the times of connection i get...swimming with my oldest...he is liking to hold my neck to hitch a ride to the bottom before swimming deep on his own...

Lisa Gordon said...

He is just adorable, Margaret, and your words are so filled with emotion.

G-Man said...

All things Margaret Bednar is adorable!
Thanks for the late entry.
Thanks for everything you write and share.
Have a Kick Ass Holiday....G

Ginnie said...

You really were made to be a mother, weren't you, Margaret! :) I can't believe he's already 5!