Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Southern Plantation - Middleton Place

Settled in the early 18th century the main house was not built until 1755. It was destroyed by Union troops in 1865. What was left was the gentlemen's guest wing. It was restored after the war; made possible be relatives living in Philadelphia as the Middleton's had no money.

The gardens and walkways in April take my breath away!

This post was do e from my iPhone. Technology is amazing. No matter how beautiful the past, I'll take modern times.

I'm also glad to see all the education given regarding the slaves and how living here was for them

I will be back tomorrow hosting the Imaginary garden of Real Toad's challenge "Artistic Adventures".


Vagabonde said...

The gardens look gorgeous! I heard these were the oldest landscape gardens in the US. It must have been wonderful walking in these gardens in the spring.

TexWisGirl said...

the 2nd shot is awesome!

Fireblossom said...

Wow, it almost doesn't look real. Sometimes the past seems very attractive to me, but how would I blog, if I lived then? Goodness, I wouldn't even be able to vote or own property!

Anonymous said...

I feel such reverence in these reveries of history ! BEAUTIFUL !

Ginnie said...

Are you kidding? That'd what it's looking like there now? We are SO FAR BEHIND. In fact, the other day we even had snowflakes here in the Netherlands. (sigh) The sun is shining today and we just got back from a great walk around our citadel. Everyone and his aunt and uncle was out enjoying the Vitamin D! :)