Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poetry Jam "A December Night's Walk" Friday Flash 55 "Beloved"

The Friday Flash 55 version is at the bottom - It is always so hard to edit one's words...
which do YOU like better?

A December Night's Walk

I step out
into the cimmerian night,
utter a protest against the chill,

walk dogs one last time
before turning in, glad
Christmas's rush is over,

listen to the pond's silence,
pause as I feel very small,
pupils wide,

as pinpoints
of luminous light
reflect symbolic vision;

a tree of paradise,
a tree of hope, needles
pointing heavenward

and a stag
thirsting for water
like my soul yearns for Christ.

My breath expels,
a tear escapes,
and I thank the starless sky

for her beauteous gift
of making one so small
feel so simply and happily loved.

by Margaret Bednar, December 27, 2012

This is linked with Poetry Jam - "Ho Ho Holidays"

and below, a shorter, 55 word version, linked with Friday Flash 55.


I embrace
a cimmerian night,

feel alone
beneath starless sky,

listen to the pond's
chilly silence,

pause, pupils wide,
as pinpoints of luminous light

reflect a tree of hope,
needles pointing heavenward

and a stag thirsting for water
like I yearn for Christ;

breath expels,
a tear escapes

and I, so small,
feel simply loved.

by Margaret Bednar, December 27, 2012


Mama Zen said...

Lovely, Margaret!

Brian Miller said...

cimmerian...what a cool the feel of the smallness as well...thirsting as the stag...smiles...this is lovely margaret...perfect wind down to christmas...

Raining Iguanas said...

Very nice, it made me want to step outside, but I decided your description was adequate and remained horizontal on the sofa. I love the Internet!

Susie Clevenger said...

So beautiful..with all the business of the season it is so nice to slow down and commune with nature and God.

Anonymous said...

what better happiness than to love and be loved? lovely, Margaret!

thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam!

wishing you a new year full of happy surprises and love and laughter and hugs and smiles!


Viviane Peinturlure said...

Beautiful family! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

rallentanda said...

A beautiful poem by someone at peace and contented with her life. Lovely. I wish you A Happy New Year!

Mary said...

Margaret, this poem is simply stunning! It captures that wonderful after Christmas feeling and the thankful reflectiveness! This is perhaps my favorite poem of yours ever. Time for you to do a chapbook!

Heaven said...

This is so lovely Margaret, full of love and gratitude ~

Happy New year ~

Laurie Kolp said...

So beautiful, Margaret... especially:

a tree of paradise,
tree of hope, needles
pointed toward heaven

...and the stag simile. I'm glad the rush of Christmas is over, too.

Laura said...

beautiful Margaret... I often feel small... I think this is a good thing really... allows us to experience love and blessings with awe... and ironically perhaps it helps us feel safe...wrapped in an awe shawl of faith. Happy New Year.

Poet Laundry said...

Oh, I love this Margaret. Beautifully done...I'm thankful right along with you. I have nominated you for the 'Inspirational Blogger Award'. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift here with us. I hope you and your family have been enjoying your Christmas holiday!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Magical! The night scene here is so beautiful. Contentment and truth bound together.

Janet Martin said...

It's hard to choose a fav, but the first one has the extras that really touched me...esp. the beginning and end. Truly gorgeous. thank-you for sharing your gifts!

G-Man said...

Margaret Bednar...
Which one do YOU think I liked better?
(You guessed right)
You are such a positive, creative, talented, and special creature, sometimes I'm embarrassed that you would find our little writing prompt interesting enough to visit.
Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your weekly support.
Two things...
1. The first thing you see when entering the Andy Griffith Museum, is Otis the town drunks wrinkled suit hermetically sealed. It's a Hoot!
2. Your new Avatar pic is stunning!
You keep getting beautifuller every year!!!
Have a Kick Ass New Year...G

Margaret said...

Galen... you have made me a much better ... do I say poet? ha. I still feel like I'm wading around trying to learn how to swim - a little fish in a BIG pond.

What a way to start the new year, with your kind words (and the knowledge I keep getting beautifuller with every passing year ;P

Grace said...

I like the shortened version. My favorite lines are the ending one -

and I, so small,
feel simply loved.

Perfect. And your new avatar rocks ~

Brian Miller said...

simply loved...and small...still a beautiful thing to feel...great condensed version for the 55s as well...hope your week is ending well margaret...

Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Margaret - glad you are feeling better. I personally like the distilled one better, but they are both lovely. Thanks for your visits. k.

brandi said...

THe Divine Love Story: Christ longing for you as you long for Him...Beautiful. I love both versions.

izzy said...

Nothing like becoming 'right sized'!
(known as humility in my circle)
awe is good too! Happy New Year!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I liked them equally - both so beautiful, no way to choose.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I love the beautiful imagery.

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

yes, Margaret, it's so lovely to be made small by the splendor of the quiet winter's night around us.
I loved this!

Ginnie said...

I'm glad you put the poems in that order, Margaret, because now I like them both. But I also choose the 2nd because of having read the first...first. Does that make sense?

SaraV said...

Happy New Year Margaret! Such a beautiful peaceful poem, thank you for letting me join you in your crisp night air:-)