Sunday, August 12, 2012

IGWRT's - Sunday's Mini-Challenge "Rejuvination"


Evening tiptoes
stealthily flows,
surrounds with prose,
for ears that seek

her graceful lows,
flowers that close,
a final pose,
a last critique;

a cabaret,
of varied gay
and grand bouquets
swaying goodnight

until next day
in full array,
like potter's clay,
a new delight!

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, August 13, 2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's "Sunday Mini-Challenge - Cyhydedd Hir"

Yes, Unpronounceable, (cuh-hee-dedd-heer) and almost impossible for me to do.

For those interested, the rhyming pattern and syllable count (19 repeated four times) is:  xxxbxxxbxxxbxxxA (repeat) xxxcxxxcxxxcxxxD (repeat)   Oh, at least I think this is correct!


Mama Zen said...

"like potter's clay,
a new delight!"

I really like that. This flows beautifully.

Kay L. Davies said...

So beautifully done, Margaret. A lovely write.

Daydreamertoo said...

Lovely ;)

Ginnie said...

Whatever it is, I like the way it sounds, Margaret, and I love the adirondack chairs in silhouette.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is splendid. Each stanza conjured up fresh imagery - it was such a delight to read.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty musical poem. k.

Karen S. said...

So lovely, and it makes me want to bring out some potter's clay!

aprille said...

Rhyme words that sound the same but with different spelling always intrigue me, like critique and seek, bouquets and clay. Nice.

Lessandra said...

Great cyhydedd hir! I really like composing this poem, don't you? Of course, I've only done one :)
But will have to start another while the form is fresh in my mind.

hedgewitch said...

Like most of your poetry, margaret this is supremely visual, placing us in the middle of the scene. The ending two stanzas, especially, are very effective. Enjoyed it(and the photo, that goes without saying.)

Mary Mansfield said...

Love the rhythm and flow of this. So vivid as well, can just see the images streaming through my mind. Wonderful!!

Marian said...

like potter's clay! very nice.