Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Celestial Canvas", a poem

Celestial Canvas

Upon midnight blue
twinkling visions flit and flirt
laurel, myrtle, azure, and sky

as I, of orbs that never close,
recline beneath leafy canopy.
Watch as Strawberry Moon

reaches through slatted sanctuary
smoothing eventide's blanket
about my velveteen.

Tomorrow, my creator
will climb aloft and hold me close,
as whisper, I, celestial secrets in her ear.

I'll watch as tingling radiance
travels lengthy fingertips,
saturating canvas with magic.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, June 26, 2012

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My daughter (below) with the doll she created for her junior high school class at UNC School of the Arts.  It is all hand stitched. She has a doll "baby" she has loved since she was one year old.  It is, well, something that should probably be burned, but she protects the well-loved doll with her life (believe me, at one time I tried to purge my house of it).  This doll was to reflect her in some way, as well as the "container".  It is a tree house.  She could just as well have put the doll in a swing as that is the other thing she adored as a child (and still does).  The moon and stars have always fascinated her.

and with "baby"...

Oh, my daughter also loves crowns and Paris ;)


TexWisGirl said...

too cute. and i'm glad she still has 'baby'. :)

rosemary mint said...

I am insane over that doll. Seriously, if I could afford it, I would order one. Your daughter must have a phenomenal personality if that doll represents her. I should like to know her. You must be incredibly proud to mother such an artist.

Your poem is beautiful. I especially love these lines:

"laurel, myrtle, azure, and sky
as I, of orbs that never close"

"Watch as Strawberry Moon
reaches through slatted sanctuary
smoothing eventide's blanket"

"as tingling radiance
travels lengthy fingertips,
saturating canvas with magic"

Brian Miller said...

awww...way to go on your daughter...some very cool use of color in your words margaret....the strawberry moon...velveteen...nice words....cool write...

Ginny Brannan said...

"Upon midnight blue
twinkling visions flit and flirt
laurel, myrtle, azure, and sky

as I, of orbs that never close,
recline beneath leafy canopy."

What a lovely capture, both in words and images, of this special moment in your daughter's life. Your daughter is absolutely lovely, and seems to have inherited some of her mom's creativity!! I think there is much to be said in the way she loves that which is precious to her, which I am sure in no small way includes you at the top of the list. Hold on tight to these precious memories of her youth and take pride, you've taught her well! :-)

Daydreamertoo said...

Awwww... loved your prose ..the doll is amazing, to think it is all hand stitched is a marvel in itself. Chloe (now 16) sill has a white (ish) teddy bear that she has had since she was a baby too. She still cuddles it at night although would never admit it not to a single soul...lol
Your daughter is as beautiful as her mom and, it seems, as talented.

Anonymous said...

So cool - and your pictures wonderful--but I thought this poem worked even without the doll - Strawberry Moon perhaps enough. (Your daughter lovely though!) k.

Sreeja said...

Great poem...and can't find words for that doll......the eyes are magically stitched..

Karen S. said...

What a great peom, and I just adore the dolly!

Laura said...

"smoothing eventide's blanket
about my velveteen." beautiful and your daughter and her doll...magnificent!

my heart's love songs said...

your daughter is beautiful as well as VERY talented! her doll is FABulous! {and don't mess with baby!}

LOVE your poem and thank you for sharing the back story!

Ginnie said...

OMG. You all just run in the family, don't you!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the reading, and the pictures!
You and your daughter seen a film called 'Coraline'? Stop motion animation.

Margaret said...

Yes, Kolembo - Working for Tim Burton is one of her "dream jobs" :)

Thank you, everyone.