Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poetry Jam "An Item Owned"

An item owned

Historic significance preserved
found beneath Monticello's red clay:

iron hammer head, saw and wedge,
copper alloy measuring device.

Admired for beauty
they helped create

but within the hand
of the enslaved

just another item jotted down
and owned in a "farm journal book".

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, April 10, 2012

This is linked to Poetry Jam "Tools"  Please check out this fun poetic challenge!

I am reading several books on Thomas Jefferson and I do, despite his being a slave owner, greatly admire the man.  But it is increasingly troubling to me that as educated and "enlightened" as he was he didn't free his slaves.  HERE is a link I think does a pretty good job of being fair to Jefferson, not sugar coating his views on slavery.  We MUST remember to put Jefferson in his OWN timeline of history, his OWN circumstances and the times and family that formed him.

HERE is a another link of frequently asked questions about slavery at Monticello.

And HERE is a fascinating link I have yet to explore.  It is "The Getting Word oral history project...  I especially want to check out the "HEAR STORIES" of "way back"...


Jeannelle said...

I enjoyed the tour of Monticello.

TexWisGirl said...

very well said.

Mary said...

I like what you did for the prompt, Margaret. What an interesting picture; and I like the way you wrote a poem about them. Your visit to Monticello really was a rich experience for you, I can see that. Many photos and poetry resulted. Thanks for visiting Poetry Jam!

Mary said...
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Anonymous said...

very well done, Margaret - I like that you touched on the levels of both created and creator - and the "farm journal book" makes it sound rather prosaic but who knows what joy or satisfaction the owner took in his trade

Margaret said...

Thank you. Everyone should experience Monticello!

Ginnie said...

You're reminding me of what I learned years ago, Margaret, when doing seminars on both Women in the Church and on Homosexuality and the Bible. All ancient texts MUST be put through the grid of their historical and cultural context...lest we become guilty of proof-texting them for our own prejudiced interpretations!