Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barn Charm #73 "Reassuring Embrace II"

I have had sick kids lately and hope to be around commenting soon...

Reassuring Embrace II

Words of light meant for comfort,
for glory, ring hollow to my ears

so with lowered eyes 
I evaporate into the darkness as

prayers grow faint, fresh air inhaled
splashing glorious color upon this sinner

whose eyes see differently,
world not colorless but a rainbow.

Seeking reassurance 
I walk towards my silhouetted sanctuary

its gray weathered boards tinged with blue 
embrace me like a butterfly's sapphire wings

and I believe I will one day
freely flutter far away

where individuality is admired, creative minds
applauded, fairness pursued, differences tolerated.

To a better time, better place;
until then, I am stuck in 2012.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, 2-21-12

* * * * *

I wrote the first version of this poem on 2-6-11.  When I initially wrote this, I was thinking of a time in the distant past when traveling preachers would have "revival meetings" or "gospel crusades" in places where there were no churches and these often took place in tents. I certainly don't mean this post to be a slam against religion... I am a Christian.  Some of the "fire & brimstone" sermons, though, would leave me pretty confused!

But I can't help but wonder... have we really made all that much progress?

Linked with Barn Charm #73.  I used Kim Klaussen's "shine" texture.

And a slightly different look:


lisa said...

Such beautiful words, and I absolutely LOVE this photograph Margaret!

Have a great day!

TexWisGirl said...

love the b&w version. really dreamy.

Nancy said...

Love the texture of the light shine.....makes for such a unique photograph....

You have a gift in the way you put words together.....

Anonymous said...

I've been to revivals w/ my grandma at her church, but I've I've always wanted to go to the ones by the river where they baptize you right there, in the river, in front of God & everybody! I've seen those only on tv & movies...

Beautiful capture & looks wonderful, esp in b&w... very dramatic! =)

Thanks for sharing w/ us at Barn Charm =)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

I like your black and white photo.

Regards and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Both incarnations of the picture are wonderful. Your poem is very thought-provoking. I'm not sure we have come real far.

Mary Mansfield said...

"where individuality is admired, creative minds
applauded, fairness pursued, differences tolerated."

Loved that line! I think we'd all like to find a place like that. And as usual, the photographs are breathtaking! Wonderfully done!

Friko said...

I actually like the second bar picture better than the altered one. Or are they both altered?

Not being terribly keen on organised religion your poem certainly does not offend me. In fact it says what you want it to say, which is good.

I listened to the explanation for captchas. That's all very well, but Google is getting its work done for nothing and wasting our time in the process.

Margaret said...

Friko - I wrote the original poem after reading a book set back in time, very strict religious views - tent revivals, etc. And of course, a thread of my own thought is in the poem as well. The photo I changed with Photoshop as I thought it fit the poem better - but I am always partial to black & white photography as well.

Yes, we are doing Googles work for free --- on OUR time. NO thank you!

Beth said...

interesting. looks like a painting. love the second photo in black & white. so pretty. (:

Mari said...

I really like seeing that picture those 2 ways. Nice barn!

barbara l. hale said...

Very artistic!

Evelyn S. said...

Beautiful, Margaret! As I began to read, I went back and started over....just to be certain I was interpreting your words as I thought you intended. I believe I did. Well-said!

EG Wow said...

The B&W version is wonderful! Yes, at the moment we are stuck in 2012. :)

Mama Zen said...

I'm a sucker for b&w, so I love that second picture.

I totally get the poem. It's beautifully done.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm about to open my mouth and let the entire cyber world know that I'm not TRULY of this techno-century: I love the bottom photo, the natural looking one, best.

Kathy said...

Love the black and white.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the art in each photo...and your words are wonderful...there are times I think I would like to see a tent revival of poets..and because of your beautiful photography inspiration I have begun my own photography blog. :)

Daydreamertoo said...

Beautiful, both photgraphs and your prose. I must say, I do prefer the black and white one over the colour for some reason. I think maybe because it's so much sharper.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Thanks so much for your comment on the Real Toad prompt!

And yes, goats ARE messy! But you really must go to my Goat Borrower blog
and see pics of my Darla....and orphaned wee baby goat who lived in my townhouse for 7 weeks last winter! Diapers and onesies...that's the ticket!

Margaret said...

Thank you everyone! I have been so busy lately with a SNOW day and then another sick child... Hope to get around tomorrow and visit!

I MUCH prefer the B&W version, but I thought the top one went with the poem ... I was trying to have the barn "glow" - the light coming from within like a church.

and Mimi - I can't wait to see the photos of the baby goat! With a diaper... ha ha .

Elaine said...

Both versions are beautiful!