Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poetry Jam - "A Summer's Breeze" & Friday Flash 55 "With Eyes Closed"

(Friday Flash 55 is at the bottom - a condensed version of the longer poem at the top)

A Summer's Breeze

A white tail of surrender
straight and proud
meanders towards
our alfalfa sanctuary

temporarily turned
battleground by invading
metallic blue warriors
swiftly swooping, squawking

fading into silence

as my battle weary confidant retreats
into our swaying sun-filled bulwark,
harmlessly kneading, purring
offering comfort, if not protection

as I turn pages of romance,
intrigue and adventure.
Beyond fortified walls of summertime's idle
scratching chickens, snorting horses, barking dogs

signal all is well.

* * * * *

This security I hold dear,
when with eyes closed, I can go home again
where hours were measured in pages read
and purple clover eaten,

where time was simple
under a precious blanket of blue.
A balm nourishing me still
often arriving

upon a wisp of a warm, gentle breeze.

Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, January 18, 2012

This is in response to a poetry prompt from "Poetry Jam".  This prompt is an effort to counter Thomas Wolfes book entitled "You Can't Go Home Again" with the train of thought that, yes, one can go home again!   We were to return to our childhood home in some way and write of our experience.

My white cat, Casper, was my dear friend and enjoyed laying around with books as much as I did.  Whether walking to the barn or the mailbox, barn swallows often followed us, swooping down at my cat and taunting him.  He learned to ignore them for the most part, offering an occasional longing glance their way.   My summers were filled with the out of doors, seldom was I in the house.

* * * * *

And here is a "Friday Flash 55 for Mr. Know It All" (I will link up after 8pm tonight) of the above poem.  Editing (cutting) words is painfully hard for me - I want to cling to my excessive wordiness and often I think the shortened versions are better (after I recover from "letting go").

With eyes closed

Upon a wisp of a warm, gentle breeze
I close my eyes and find
I can go home again,

my battle-weary warrior
curled beside me
his metallic blue adversaries
swooping, squawking

fading into silence.

Where hours were measured
in pages read
and time ticking
was a swaying hammock
under a precious blanket of blue.

Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, January 19, 2012

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful and what lovely photographs!

Mary said...

Beautifull! Yes, hours were measured in pages read. I remember those days of reading out in our backyard for hours and hours.

Christine said...

nature always takes me back too, especially a walk along the beach, on a windy day

Helen said...

I read under a weeping willow tree as a child ... our family cat for 18 years was 'Kasper.' Beautiful post Margaret.

Anns Art said...

Lovely poems Margaret. I felt they took me back to long summer evenings as the sun goes down, sitting in the garden, relaxed. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the memory.

Heaven said...

I enjoyed the long and shortened versions. It brought back good old memories of home.

Happy day ~

G-Man said...

Margaret Bednar...
You know which version I liked best
Fantastic writing My Friend. I'm very honoured every week with your loyal support and classy contributions.
I loved your 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Polly Janos said...

Pure bliss...all of them!

Brian Miller said...

would not mind some time in the hammock you know...smiles...i do like the first the best though...what can i say i am wordy..smiles.

forgetmenot said...

Margaret, Your poems just get better and better. Lovely thoughts put down in beautifully worded verse. And yes, we can always "go home" if only in our thoughts and memories. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie :)

izzy said...

I just love the first- way better than #2- sorry but true -
I won't forget that first line!

Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like a vacation in the second version.

hedgewitch said...

I really like your second version in 55, Margaret--it pares it down to a very clear and pure feeling. Nicely done.,,esp like the 'metallic blue adversaries'

Dani said...

peaceful thoughts that make me want to curl up under an oak tree with a book


Steve Isaak said...

Solid, engaging read.

izzy said...

Hey- yes last week domestication's
beginnings-feed your dog scraps-
I do it after we eat.

Margaret said...

Thank you everyone. I have been a bit lax in getting around to blog viewing and commenting as we are involved with a theatre play last week and this. Check my Saturday post out ... I have photos of my husband in "Nunsense Amen".

Lolamouse said...

I've always been at home with reading as well. I love how you describe the setting. So lovely! And your cat is beautiful!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

love a summer's breeze, well penned verses.


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