Thursday, January 12, 2012

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Kerry's Wednesday Challenge

My Man

Swaying to and fro
her bright pink curves
beckon my man,
(a bit too leggy I dare say)
her allure a stigma
I try to ignore.

Her influence
will be short lived
a month, maybe two.

Her sweet nectar
distracts my man
all too eager to stand erect
and spread love around.

With a little rest I will reclaim
efflorescent bloom
and he will once again
tell me what I want to hear.

In the mean time,
I'll do my best
to pluck her ugly.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, January 12, 2012

* * * * *

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads" - Kerry's Wednesdays Challenge:  Write a flowery poem in an un-flowery way: include at least one reference to flowers, either literally or metaphorically, in as non-cliched a way as possible.  

I didn't succeeded here as I see cliches all over the place (I guess I didn't read the directions thoroughly enough).  Well, I'll post it, but I will be keeping my thinking cap on as I really think this is an awesome idea and want to try it again someday.


Isadora Gruye said...

I'll do my best
to pluck her ugly.

That line is a heavy handed finish to a poem chalk full of playful (albeit remorseful) a good way. What better line could deliver the amount of coy-ish anger and vendetta that constantly swirls about the female brain.

My day often looks like this:

1% Math
10% imagining horrific accidents that could befall me.
3% Nutrition
80% sizing up others and assessing how to best destroy any chance of their happiness
6% NPR

It was nice to see a poem that hits at the 80% of me. Viva la

Hannah Pratt said...

This was definitely a flowery poem written in an unflowery way. Very Nice.

hedgewitch said...

I like the way this poem is looking at a rather cliched situation, in a definitely non-flowery and pragmatic way. Left me smiling.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'll do my best to pluck her ugly!

What a great line! And the flowery slut is both apposite and opposite of all we associate with a beautiful bloom: the link to passion and promiscuity so well handled in your lines.

TexWisGirl said...

oh lordy! i liked it!

missing moments said...

Well done ... but oh my ... pluck her ugly! LOL!

Margaret said...

Thank you, Isadora. I really struggled with this one and have a few pages of notes... hope I can use them for another someday. ...80%?! I hope to stay on your good side:) ha ha.

Margaret said...

Thank you everyone. I think "pluck her ugly" will stay with me for a while. :) and I'm not mad at anyone... but just wait... :)

Grace said...

These flowers are dangerous but that picture up there is gorgeous ~

Love these lines:

In the mean time,
I'll do my best
to pluck her ugly.

Ginnie said...

The minute I saw the image and then the title of your poem, I almost laughed out loud. :D (Astrid would say, "No, my mind's not in the gutter.")