Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poetry Jam - "The Monsters"

Photo courtesy of Google Images

The Monsters

The monsters came out to play
To play upon the playground
The playground where I was a victim
A victim of peers just like me.

Like me, they were little twerps
Little twerps who happened to be "popular"
Be "popular" was something out of my reach
My reach because I lacked confidence in school.

In school it is hard to be unique, hard for a shy child
Shy child beware; the monsters will pounce and descend
And descend they did until I learned;
I learned to be more like them.

Like them, until one day I changed
I changed inside and shed my ugly skin
Ugly skin that left a new glow
A new glow, a new wisdom, a new way to play

the daily game of life.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, October 5, 2011

This is for the "Poetry Jam".  I also linked this to dVerse "Open Link Night - Week 12".  I was extremely shy when I was in elementary school.  I remember holding my breath when the teacher called upon me to answer a question... I would just sit there and look straight ahead, silently exhale and slowly draw a new breath and hold!  I think I was in 5th grade.   Can you imagine.... Oh my.  Not too much of that person remains... except maybe when I see somebody else who is extremely shy and my heart goes out to them.

I wasn't the kindest child in middle school (maybe I was just trying to survive so I acted tough) and I wish I had been more tolerant (is that the word I'm looking for...?  Maybe - less selfish) during high school.  I so wish I could go back and play that "game" with what I know now.


Carol Blackburn said...

Margaret, sounds like you've been doing some reflection.

Natasha said...

My own daughter is right there...right now! My heart aches as I see her work up the courage to overcome. Music has given her a wonderful outlet...and she's getting bigger and brighter everyday! Thanks for sharing a piece of you with us!

Brian Miller said...

i did my OpenLinkNight...several of least 5 seemed to pick up on the same vibe...i never learned to be like them...i just stayed a target...

Helen said...

I don't know whether it's because I grew up in a small town or because I was grade school age in the 40s/50s .. that era was idylic for me. I am still very close to many of the kids I went to school with ... I was lucky. Angst for me began in high school!

Your poem made me sad until I reached the end and knew you were OK.

Morning said...

vivid capture of the monster and how it creates fears.

sad, powerful piece.

Reflections said...

Margaret, you have captured so well the evils of childhood, the tribulations. Powerful message within the eloquence of your words. Wonderfully shared.

Claudia said...

always so sad when this captured the pain and fear well

johnallenrichter said...

Regrets will always be a part of us, but they are a good part. As you said yourself, knowing what you know now..... Life is a learning process. As a teen I tended to reject others before they had a chance to reject me.... Acting tough was a front, when really I longed for an emotional hug and someone to walk through life with, always fearful I wasn't worthy. They're called "awkward teen" years for a reason Margaret, and having survived them made us who we are today. And if I may make this observation, I think you survived them very well.... lovely thoughts

Margaret said...

Thanks everyone! Childhood IS tough. And I had my fair share of "knocks". But yes, John, it DID make me tough.. a bit too tough at times. But I am stronger today and hopefully a bit more understanding because of it... Thank God my kids all seem to be compassionate leaders...

ShonEjai said...

Excellent. I like the way you composed the poem...begin every line where you left off on the previous. That was fabulous. Well done

Ginnie said...

WOW. This is actually very powerful, Margaret. Very.