Monday, September 12, 2011

Magpie Tales #82 "September Dance"

The Revenant, 1949, Andrew Wyeth
September Dance

Stillness fills the room
as he arrives whisper-like
riding the Harvest Moon's 
beam of light.

A lifetime of loyalty
cannot be obliterated -

"A loving father, husband, friend"
upon granite etched
a decade ago -

as he remembers still,
our September dance.

Poised and waiting
he gallantly extends his arm
and I glowingly twirl within his embrace
once again

until his aura starts to wane

and I open my eyes.

A decade of longing,
of missing him.
My cross to bear.

My cross to cherish.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365,  September 11, 2011

* * * * *

This is for Magpie Tales #82.   I'm also participating in "Open Link Night #9" at dVerse.  Why does one write poetry... and why do we share it here on the web?  That is a question pondered at dVerse today and I am not sure why I do.  I'm actually a little shy about my so called "creativity" and I hesitate to mention to my friends in the "real" world that I write poetry at all!  I think I have close to 100 poems now - I feel I have grown a bit since I started not quite a year ago.

Skip over to both of the above highlighted sites.   And try a writing a poem if you have never done so before... the support you get from the people who participate in the above will overwhelm you.  


Patty Ann said...

I love your poem. It makes perfect sense to me and I totally love the last two lines. So very true.

Patty Ann said...

Question, What do you use to try and learn to write in different styles? I like free verse, but would love to experiment and learn new things.

Margaret said...

Patty Ann - one great resource is "One Stop Poetry Archives" It is on my side bar under "Poetry Challenges..." I just watched a 9/11 documentary and it really moved me... so many still live with it everyday!

Brandee Shafer said...

I love that your kind eyes saw something charming in this image.

Ann Grenier said...

An excellent take on the prompt margaret. Perfect remembrance for 911 as well.

Brian Miller said...

oh this rings with emo...the loss of love. yet a dance shared, remembered and shared each year...a ghost or in memory either is nice...

Reflections said...

Tender memories shared through space and time, and dimensions... smiles.

Matteo Taffuri said...

Ciao Margaret
have a nice day

jabblog said...

Poignant! The missing and longing never entirely disappear, I think.

izzy said...

You are so right- the arm position says it all! thanks-

Jinksy said...

Sometimes the past needs viewing from a different perspective...

ayala said...

Poignant ...nice share.

Trellissimo said...

A tender view of the past.

Jo Bryant said...

a beautiful poignant poem

Ann LeFlore said...

such a tender poem thank you

Lucy Westenra said...

You found something kind to say of a fairly malign looking guy, and said it rather well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret, I'm afraid to say this because we don't know one another. Is this poem based in truth? Either way it is absolutely a beautiful, lovely poem. It touched me deeply. You described a love that affects us that way, and I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world. I noticed that none of your other friends commented on the sadness surrounding this, the loss of your husband. And I'm glad about that! Because you didn't write about that obvious sadness that would have come with that, you didn't write about losing him. You wrote about that incredible, intense, deep, bone-jarring love that you have for him, the most beautiful thing in the world. And it always will be, and I'm sure that the subject of your poem, whether it is you or not, will always have that beautiful emotion with her. I write a lot of poetry similar to this and people often comment on the sadness of it... While there is sadness involved with losing someone, I get frustrated at my inability to force the readers attntion to that focal point of intense happiness and love that I'm writing about, something that you do smoothly and apparently effortlessly. I love your beautuifuyl poem. And I'm really happy to meet you. You have a new follower...

Margaret said...

Brandee - I just don't see this figure as threatening... his body language is anything but aggressive.

Ann - Yes, 911 for many, many people will live with them forever.

Brian - Exactly - I'm not sure which I see it being; a his real ghost presence or a memory... so I left it open.

Reflections - you said it perfectly!

Matteo - Thanks!

Jabblog - Love never disappears ,,, it waits, I guess, to be reunited...

Izzy - :) Glad you noticed the arm... again, I see nothing scary in this guys presence

Jinksy - A cross, because of the missing and longing, but also to cherish as the firefighters were such heros.

Ayala & Trellissimo, Jo, Ann & Lucy - Thank you!

John Allen Richter - This poem was written after I watched a moving 2 hour documentary of 9/11 and reflecting how I would feel if I lost my husband in such a way. Not all poetry comes easy to me, but this one seemed to roll off my pen. Of course, as you say, this is a sentimental poem, but I'm glad you see it also as .... rejuvenating?

The Cello Strings said...



Helen said...

Margaret, if you guage success of a poem by the tears in readers' eyes ... your Magpie is stellar!

Tess Kincaid said... captured the spirit of September so well, Margaret...