Monday, September 19, 2011

"Sentimental Journey Home" - Poetry Inspired by Judy Garland & Bobby Darin's Train Medley

Photo courtesy of Claudia of "dVerse"
Sentimental Journey Home
(Inspired by Judy Garland's & Bobby Darin's Train Medley below)

Sentimental journey, I'm goin' home,
whistle blowin' down the lonesome road.
I'm travelin'; lookin' up
and lookin' down, but
Gabriel I have yet to see.

I've traveled to Oz and to Sante Fe,
with and without a reservation,
but now I'm goin' home
with anticiaption
and I long to hear
the "All Aboard".

I'm travelin' towards heaven
via the railroad tracks,
perhaps still yearnin'
for a bit of roamin'...

but now I'm travelin'
a sentimental journey home,
the trains a-callin',
the lonesome whistle
callin' me home,

announcin' the "All Aboard".
Yes, I'm traversin'
a sentimental journey back in time,
riding the Atchison, Topeka
and the Santa Fe.

Old and grey I may be,
but not too old for this holiday.
Feelin' a bit lonely as I travel along
thinkin' of all my cares and lows,

but headin' towards the blue horizon
holdin' your memory in my arms.
I'm lookin' down
the not-so-lonesome road
singin' on the railroad,
not so lonely anymore.

Lookin' up to see the maker
with you holdin' out your arms,
standing next to Gabriel

I'm glad I boarded the train
at the Pennsylvania Station
and stopped my roamin'
as my yearnin' heart needed
this sentimental journey home.

compilation of words by Margaret Bednar (many words selected and condensed from "The Train Medley" sung by Judy Garland and Bobby Darin), Art Happens 365, September 19, 2011

This is for dVerse Poetics and the subject is trains.  I can never think of trains without remembering my youth and belting out the songs sung by Judy Garland (and something I still do to this day!).   The above poem is taken from the song lyrics below and I don't claim them as my words but as a "medley" of all of the great songs they represent.  (I certainly hope this isn't plagiarism!)

I so missed "the train" for "Poetics" so am linking this post up to dVerse Open Link Night.  At the time I linked up there were already 80!!!! poetry links.  So, GO CHECK OUT THE TALENT!  :)

Kevin Spacey directed and starred as Bobby Darin in the movie "Beyond the Sea".  The reviews are mixed and I noticed a comment stating there is a disclaimer at the end of the film "although there was some truth to the story line, much was added for dramatic effect..."  Why does Hollywood do this to biographies... I read quite a bit on Darin's life, and I think it was pretty amazing and interesting without adding false things.  Oh well, perhaps I will still give it a try.

It looks like I missed the deadline for linking my poem to the "Train" post, but I still encourage you to check out the above dVerse link!

Below is a wonderful YouTube video of Judy Garland and Bobby Darin singing a train medley. (Let's hope it doesn't get yanked!)

Below are three sketches I have drawn of Judy Garland in the past:


izzy said...

Oh my! I do love this- Thank you-
and that third sketch is just tremendous!

Pat Hatt said...

Great sketches and a great piece on the tracks, sure chugged along as your crossed the train.

Mark Kerstetter said...

It's not plagiarism, it's a text collage tribute to two incredible performers. The first sketch in particular has a lovely liveliness to it.

Ginny Brannan said...

I grew up watching Judy Garland, can remember my mom singing along with her songs. Loved your compilation of lyrics, and absolutely floored by your sketches. Would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but there's something about her with that short hair, hat cocked to the side look that really takes me back. Thanks so much for sharing this. Wonderful, Margaret!

Brian Miller said...

nice..this has a great lyrical quality to it blended them well together to make a wonderful poem...really nice on the sketches as well....

Ginnie said...

You are such a woman of many talents, Margaret!!!

Ruth said...

All this creative expression in one post! I agree with Mark, that you can mess around with other people's writing and recreate something from it. It's fun to do. It's great how trains conjure this sense of something nostalgic and homey for so many of us.

The sketches are wonderful. What a great way to memorialize her and your connection with her.

Ann LeFlore said...

I love your sketches and the story of your train it is like chugging along the tracks with you thank you so much

hedgewitch said...

Fun post, full of nostalgia--loved it all, esp. the clip and artwork.

kez said...

Loved this and think your art is wonderful have just done a kids story to one of your pictures that was used as a prompt for in tandem so thank you for that too x

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! This video is absolutely charming, Judy had such a powerful and belting voice..... And your poem followed the flow of their songs so well! Incredibly lovely and your sketches are beautiful! Margaret this page just absolutely captured me and even now as I write this Judy and Bobby are singing "Look down that lonesome road".... enchanting...... thank you! I have to reveal the flowers of my heart though and say I would love to have heard her sing "Over the Rainbow" too....

Jannie Funster said...

Okay, so you're a songwriter too!?!? is there nny art medium you don't excel at, Dearest Ms. Bender??

I can just picture you singing this all round your house. So much fun in here, Margaret. So much grande olde feeling. Talent. And panache.