Friday, July 15, 2011

Smudge - a photo and YouTube Videos

Smudge.  She is a Connemara Pony and I rode her on a rocky mountain trail in the western saddle.  We both rode her english.  Below are a few videos of her at the Mountain Top Ranch.  The first one is from a year ago.

Smudge "In Training"

And here is one of her a bit later...

Smudge "more training".. a trail ride and lunch


Smudge Jumping

and Smudge and friends on her first hunt...

Smudge Hunting

and he second one:

Smudge 2nd Hunt

And a short one I think is cute:

Smudge jumping in the snow

Hope you enjoyed our new pony.  We will pick he up the first of August!  If you are interested in following her and my interest in horses, I have my "Just Horses" blog.


texwisgirl said...

she's a beauty. i can't watch all the videos tho. makes me sad i never learned to ride well!

Rosie said...

Oh, what a beauty she is! I also loved the videos - thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

lisa said...

She is such a beauty Margaret!! This photograph is just wonderful and thank you for sharing all of the videos.


Log Cabin Studio said...

Congradulations,what a lovely little horse.

Ginnie said...

Awwww, how very sweet, Margaret. If I assume correctly that's your voice, that's the extra fun, to hear YOU talking. Thank you. :)