Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Son's first "Commercial"

My son and his friends created a commercial for "Dandruff Shampoo"...  My son is the one in the shower...  This is a "twodaydude" production, directed by Austin Elliott, concept by Zac Messik and acted by Will Bednar.



texwisgirl said...

too cute!!! very creative!


...nice... i always loved acting... i was a former stage/theatre actor and have worked several plays but didn't get any chance appearing on wide screens... one director of a local station once offered me to do an indi-film but unfortunately it didn't pursue co'z of some turn of unexpected events... ouch...hehe...(:

Good day.


lisa said...

I just LOVED it Margaret!!
How did he ever keep from laughing while doing it??
Thank you for sharing.

Margaret said...

Texwisgirl - I love listening to them "think" outloud... They have lots of ideas.

Windowland - He does have the acting "bug"

Lisa - Thanks! ... I have a feeling there WAS a lot of laughter and a number of "takes".

Log Cabin Studio said...

That is so cool..It looks like they had a great time.

Ginnie said...

That's hysterical, Margaret. I wonder what they will come up with next! :)

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Nice. Is this an attempt to prove John Lennon's claim that "insanity is the first symptom of dandruff"?