Saturday, June 25, 2011

Images from the Past, Part 8 - My Grandmother's 1915 Yellowstone Journal

Marguerite is second from right.  Looks like a fun working crew!  The bungalows are in the background.  I love all the pots on the left hand side.

June 28, 1915, Monday

Last night Vera Elma, Helen, Mary and I and some of the other girls and boys were sick all night.  Guess it was something we ate; haven't recovered yet.  Did tent work all morning.  Helped settle some bungalows this p.m.  Elna and I washed our heads.  Feel quite stiff from my walk yesterday.  Watched the moon rise over the mountains last evening - it was certainly beautiful.  Also saw a beautiful sunset.  114 dudes tonight.

Marguerite is under the buckets, sitting holding the watermelon!.  They don't look like they are in working clothes, but ready for a bit of fun.  Maybe a picnic?  I wish I knew which ones were the girlfriends she mentions.  I believe Helen, her sister is the 3rd one standing from the left hand side.  

June 29, 1915, Tuesday

Ruth and I made 50 beds this a.m.  Had 165 dudes tonight.  Over 100 of them were from Iowa.  Mable Smith of Rockford (Illinois) was in the party.  Many of the crowd were teachers and all were so jolly.  They gave yells, etc.  Had a dandy program for them and then dancing, as usual.

June 30, 1915, Wednesday

This p.m. Mary, Vera, Helen, and I went down to hotel and went on top.   Took pictures of the lake and "Elephant Back".  Went through part of hotel and then visited the fish hatcheries.  Saw them separate the bad eggs from the good ones; also saw eggs that were just hatched.  We had 95 dudes tonight.  Had popcorn for the first time since we have been here.

This might be Elephant Back Mountiain in the background and Yellowstone Lake, but I really don't know.  I find it interesting that the man jumping off the tree was caught in mid action as photography tended to blur...  Marguerite is second from left, partially hidden.
Marguerite's 1915 Postcard, well preserved!  
My notes:

"HERE" is a thorough and fun read as to how the "Old Faithful Inn" was built.  I THINK this dining room was inside of the Inn I featured here.  If someone knows, differently, please let me know!

The photos I shared with this post are some scattered throughout the box I have and I posted them with the journal's daily posts, realizing they don't exactly correlate with her words.  Oh how I wish there had been a bit more writing on the backs of all the photos I have!

This post is a participant in "Sepia Saturday's, post #80".  Click to see other memorable nostalgic photography.


texwisgirl said...

"washed our heads". ha ha!

Bob Scotney said...

All the ladies in the second picture are wearing an armband of some sort, except the older lady in the middle. Is she in charge? The gent seems to want to get in on the act.

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh there are some very funny phrases in there, taken out of that time and dropped into the minds of today. Fun living vicariously through this journal. Very enjoyable.

Brett Payne said...

Is that a party trick that guy with the sailor's cap does, balancing the tin on one finger?

lisa said...

I really love reading this and seeing these wonderful old photographs here Maragret!

Postcardy said...

Funny that she washed her head and not her hair or her face.

Little Nell said...

The comments are great. All being sick at once reminded me of when I was young on a school trip - not a good memory, no wonder they needed to wash their heads in the morning!

Mike Brubaker said...

A wonderful serial story. Journal entries make this a prize. Recording the number of "dudes" is great fun.