Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - "The Playground"

Swiftly ascending the pole,
the girl pauses at the top
for a last look over the towers,
tunnels, and swings.
"When", thinks the mother,
"did she outgrow this?"
The girl tackles the beam effortlessly;
her mother's outstretched hand
not needed for balance.
Childhood's scampering by,
but the mother knows
she will once again
be needed.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, June 10, 2011

This is for Friday Flash 55, a story in 55 words.  Please visit the G-Man's blog "Mr. Know it All"!


Brian Miller said...

they sure do grow up fast...they still need you though so stick around...smiles.

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, I've been experiencing this lately too! The things she was into even 6 months ago, now too childish for her.

Mine seems to need me most at mealtime! :)


Wonderful pix too, Dearest Margaret of Art & Love.

texwisgirl said...


G-Man said...

Margaret Bednar...
My daughter went from childhood to adulthood overnight!
Or so it seems...
Loved your 55 as usual My Friend.
You are always so busy that I can't imagine you having the time to visit and comment.
When I see your smiling face, I feel so honored that you can't believe how happy that makes me feel.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Steve Isaak said...

Good, relatable read.

Monkey Man said...

Do we ever out grow a playground?

Patty Ann said...

Love the pic and the story. So true! How do you get the top picture to do that?? I like the effect. Rather like a drawing instead of a picture.

Bonnie said...

Great pics and poem!

Reflections said...

I'm still fond of the swings... not to mention a good run down the slide. Smiles. Lovely picture adding nice dimension to the story.

justine said...

great story and I absolutely love that last shot

Margaret said...

Thank you so much, for enjoying my sappy 55. I really can't believe my little chicks are growing wings so quickly... But I do love watching them flap their wings. My 2nd oldest daughter was just in a theatre show this weekend and I just love the zest for living she has... Truly amazing what kids do to our hearts...

Brian - Yes, I'm sticking around ... whether they like it or not!

Jannie - Yes, they come in with their mouths open like little birds... even the 18 year old! :)

Galen - Awe, thanks for the kind words! I am busy, but this is my de-stressing time! :) ... along with a glass of wine, sometimes...

Steve & Texwisgirl - Thanks!

Monkey Man - And the playgrounds they have today! truly amazing - I remember the "crappy" ones I enjoyed ...

Patty Ann - It is a feature somewhere in Photoshop that I stumbled upon. Filter, Artistic and then under sketching, I think.

Bonnie, Reflections, Justine - Your encouraging words are appreciated!

Ginnie said...

You really do these 55-word stories so well, Margaret! :)

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Here's to hoping our kids never totally outgrow needing us. :)

(Although plenty of autonomy is to be appreciated and encouraged!)

Manicddaily said...

Yes! That's a wonderful thing about parenting that you've captured in a lovely way. k.

Anonymous said...

Margaret - I think my comment got eaten - lovely poem - I love being a parent, and especially of daughters (but they are all I have!)

Thanks. k.