Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poetry Jam, "Thunder and Lightning" (first two poems) & Friday Flash Fiction 55 (3rd one)

Thunder & Lightning

I cower beneath my skin,
his thunder penetrating my brain
causing flashes of lightning
to explode behind my lids.
Negativity pushes down upon me,
flowing about my huddled form
shivering here upon this bed.
Destroy me through fear his goal,
but his thunder is only hot sound.
Lightning, the true danger, lies
in believing his hateful words.
A safe shelter I must seek
before a lifelong injury occurs.

By Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, May 19, 2011

The theme for "Poetry Jam" is "Thunder and Lightning".  I have never been in such a "storm" as I wrote about, but so many children and women have.  Perhaps a few men.  Each week a new poetry challenge is offered.  I believe this is the old "Poetry Bus" which has been given "new wheels".  Check out the other entries by clicking on the blog title above.   (The photo is of my husband when he played Coach Bolten in High School Musical)

I also tried another approach to this prompt with a "Villanelle" - a form I went back to One Stop Poetry's "Poetry Forms Archive" and brushed up on the rules.

Escape, I Must

His thunder penetrates my brain,
My full serenader is the goal.
Escape, I must, from all this pain.

Exploding flashes, unrestrained
It's nature's fury in my soul.
His thunder penetrates my brain.

With hateful words I'm almost slain
Like lightning, doubt consumes me whole.
Escape, I must, from all this pain.

My huddled from must not remain
a victim.  Seize, must I, control.
His thunder penetrates my brain.

My dignity I must regain
He rages, threatens like a troll
Escape, I must, from all this pain.

Allow self confidence to reign
Forget, I must, this lethal hole.
His thunder penetrates my brain,
Escape, I must, from all this pain.

By Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, May 19, 2011

And here is another version, A Friday Flash (Fiction) 55.  (A story in 55 words or less)  Visit the G-Man (HERE) to read other 55's or try one yourself!  


She cowered no longer
from his explosive thunder.
As her limbs unfurled
from their protective huddle,
the shivering stopped.
Self-loathing and negativity
possessed her soul;
her destruction, his goal,
was complete.  Escape
was no longer necessary.
She aimed
for his withered heart.
The flash of lightning
took him by surprise.
He never heard
the explosion.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, May 19, 2011

...and just for a trip down memory lane, my son portrayed Ryan and my husband played the coach, as I said.  I think it was four years ago.


Ruth said...

I'm awfully glad you don't have to cower like that, Margaret. Nor do I. It really is about power, and how easy it is to believe what is negative about oneself. I say this from the outside, looking in, though I certainly know about believing the negative more easily than the positive. Why is that, I wonder?

lisa said...

Another wonderful poem, and I just love these photographs Margaret!
What wonderful memories.

Ginnie said...

The poem is incredibly powerful, Margaret, especially since just this week I have had a women tell me she must move on from a similar situation as you have described. I hate it when women are in that situation (rarely men?).

How wonderful to end with the upbeat images of your son, who is just plain adorable!

texwisgirl said...

in other words, your whole family is talented! :)

Helen said...

Hooray ... you're in the Jam! Nice one too.

Lots of talent in that family of yours. Next week's challenge can be found at Enchanted Oak .. it's a doozy.

Claudia said...

very emotional writing margaret and i love the pictures..nice to meet your fam

Margaret said...

Thank you all! I went back and made myself do a villanelle with this subject. I posted it below my original poem. I thought maybe the repetition, like thoughts repeating themselves in one's head, might work.

Ruth, I agree. Why is it so hard to believe the compliments received from others and so easy to believe the negative thoughts we think up in our own minds?

Lisa, thanks. My son hated playing that role as he never liked the movie. But I thought he did a great character study!

Ginnie, yes that is horrible. I helped a dear friend out in a nasty situation as well, once. I have never regretted it.

Texwisgirl, Ha! Well, I think they are, but I am not quite as comfortable on stage. And no one really asks for me to sing (except my 3 year old) and he will probably grow out of that!

Helen, for the heads up. I will check it out!

Claudia, Emotional, but I didn't have as much time to work on style the first time. The second attempt is good practice, but still not quite what I wanted. I might even try another form with the help of OSP archives.

Mama Zen said...

"Lightning, the true danger, lies
in believing his hateful words."

That's really powerful.

moondustwriter said...

My daughter was in our local HS musical a few years ago - great pics.

A tough subject to write about you did it justice and great stab at the Villanelle my dear - a very talented lady!!!

Brian Miller said...

yikes...i been struck by lightning...multiple cool on the musical oldest would love it...will show these to him tomorrow...

G-Man said...

I Loved the 55
The whole post reeked of Class!
You are so positive and upbeat.
Thank You so much for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

MorningAJ said...

Excellent variations on a theme!

My 55 words are here.

The Bug said...

I have this strange fascination with villanelles - LOVE this one. But the last bit of the Flash 55 just slays me - makes me think of Martina McBride's Independence Day (which I haven't heard in years). Great job!

Monkey Man said...

That is one powerful 55.

Cad said...

I see, 'hunt for the 55' game going on here! LOL

Jingle said...

going musical is cool.

fun 55.
bless your weekend.

Margaret said...

Thank you! I don't like "thunder and lightening" in ANY form! I'm swamped with graduations, recitals and visitors and hope to visit your wonderful blogs soon!