Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Field of Wildflowers", a poem

Here we are again at Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Hilton Heaad, SC.  I got down on my belly, with all the bugs and braved the mosquitoes which weren't quite so bad now that I was in the sun.  I was snapping away and didn't realize I had photographed a bumblebee's landing.  I have entered the photo above into a weekly photographic challenge I just learned about:  "Perseptive Perspective".  The challenge this week is: Signs of Spring.  Click HERE to see other entries.

This was the first nature walk I took at Hilton Head and I did not bring along any bug spray and the mosquitoes were terrible.  I love to hike, but the scenery and animals are unlike anything this "northern" girl is used to.  Although I now reside in NC, I have yet to experience much of this beautiful part of our country.

Sea Pine's Field of Wildflowers

Paint brush splatters
cover this canvas
haphazardly creating
texture and pattern
unaware of rules
and structure,
restraint unheeded.
Mother Nature's
creative design
a "DIY" project,
her focal point scattered,
color scheme varied.
A fool proof education
at everyone's fingertips.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, May 5, 2011

The above poem is submitted to One Stop Poetry's "One Shot Wednesday".  Click HERE to see 100 (give or take a few) poetic entries!

The orange and reds and violets and splashes of pink shouted SPRING! ... although temperature wise, it felt like blazing steamy/hot summer (it was only April).


Ginnie said...

Brilliant images of Mother Nature's 'education,' Margaret! When I take my walks around the citadel here where I live, I see simílar displays of wildness and just gasp for joy. I love that you got the bumble bee landing. That's very cool! :)

lisa said...

Wonderful poem, and such GORGEOUS photographs Margaret. Isn't it amazing how a different perspective can change how we see things!!

Brian Miller said...

natures DIY all the colors of the flowers and it does look like paint spatter...nicely played...

ayala said... looks like heaven :)