Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Destructive Fantasy", a poem and Poetry Book Giveaway Winners

Photography courtesy of Rosa Frei

Destructive Fantasy

Seductively dangerous,
your words, your "love".
Deceptive illusions
swirl about my heart,
leaving it barren.
I long for beauty,
for truth.
Repeatedly I believe
in the mirage,
briefly soaring.
But you are like the
desert's shifting sands;
destructive and uncaring.

How I wish
I could ride the wind
to a distant oasis,
away from your treachery
and lies.

Sadly, I lack the strength
to risk fleeting happiness.
My parched lips
still long for yours.
This treacherous heart
willing to accept
the fantasy, once again.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, May 1, 2011

This is a poem hastily written for One Stop Poetry's "One Shoot Sunday".  (totally fiction, I want to add!   - but all too true in some instances.) The Interview is with Rosa Frei, a Moroccan-based photographer.

I am really having a hard time getting back in to the swing of things after our week long vacation!  I DID give up my cleaning lady so that we can lease a pony, and THAT may have something to do with it.  I showed all four girls how to clean MY way and I am sure we will all be fine in a few weeks!  Their first riding lesson is Thursday after school and we get to meet the pony then.  Can't wait.

I hope to get to visit everyone tomorrow morning - I have missed my blog friends creativity!


Elise Wormouth - Chapters Into Verse
Patty Pitterle - The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran


Brian Miller said...

nice...easily relatable the longings and the response in the second stanza or desire maybe...not to seetl any longer for only an oasis...

texwisgirl said...

glad you clarified it is fiction. but sadly so much of it rings too true for many...

good luck with the riding lessons!

Ginnie said...

Why does this remind me of The English Patient, Margaret, which Astrid and I saw just a week ago! I'm sure you'll get back into your rhythm in no time. In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming enjoyment of the new pony, especially as the summer months are before you.

Rosa Frei said...

Great insight and sensitivity in those word. Beautiful and somehow sad words.... and somehow so true.... Thank you!

G-Man said...

Your inspiration for this is a bit intriguing....G

Elise/One Woman, Reinvented said...

Thank you so much for the book! It's a subject I'm greatly interested in (I teach a class on contemporary writers that use subject matter from classical mythology, so this is closely related.) I truly appreciate it. Stop over at my place, where I'm having a giveaway when I reach 40 followers!

Steve Isaak said...

Piece-veracious and tightly-written work. Good, emotionally relatable, as well.