Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Kiwi" a poem 199/365

Kell's poetry prompt day 13 is:  Run around the house and grab 5 items that all begin with the same letter.  Write a poem as an ode to one of these items or that includes these items.   I grabbed: Kiwi, Knife, Kettle, Kodak camera, and sat down next to my Kitty.  It was way to tough to tie them together and I was hungry...


Not exactly a golden egg
At least not in our house
As no one seems to beg
to eat them.  I try to espouse
the importance of nutrition;
its vitamin C A and D!
"Eat a hairy fruit?" in unison
they cry.  Fine.  All the more for me!

Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 4-13-11

Hey, I ONLY had 5 minutes so don't expect much with poetry today!  :)  I am the only one that loves (or likes) kiwi in my family.  I have tried to sneak them in recipes, (I do peel the "hair" off of them) but my family always finds me out.  Oh well, like I said, more for me.

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Today is also "Black and White Wednesday".  These pears weren't perfect as they had blemishes... but they were delicious! :)


texwisgirl said...

the poem made me laugh out loud! and the pears are great!

G-Man said...

It's always so classy at your place.
Kute Kiwi Kousin...:-)

Jaymi said...

great shot!

Ruth said...

Margaret, I like your hairy fruit poetic conclusion. If I were there you would have to share. :-)

I like pears just like that, they're just the right ripeness. I didn't know until last year that pears don't ripen on the tree. You have to bring them indoors, and they ripen after picking. (We have a tree: lesson learned.)

Brooke said...

Really, really great B&W!!

Margaret said...

Thank you! I'm preparing for Spring Break and this was a fast post.

G-Man - Classy!!?? I'm lovin' THAT compliment.

Texwisgirl & Ruth - Yes, "hairy". That is what my youngest daughter calls them and it always makes me laugh. I love SO many different foods that my family won't eat.... very frustrating.

Patty Ann said...

totally love your poem today. You are amazing. I can't imagine even succeeding at that challenge.

Amy said...

Love the kiwi photo, they look so juicy and delicious!

Ginnie said...

Fabulous images...enough to inspire a poem!

Jan Halvard said...

Nice photo and poem!

Welcome to visit my
Black and White wednesday!

Jan Halvard, Norway
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!

Margaret said...

Patty Ann, Amy, Ginnie, Jan - Thanks! Your encouraging words are part of what gives me confidence! :)

Vhen said...

nice photo and poem =)