Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Come Back Tomorrow", 200-207/365

Kell's daily poetry prompt is to: Make a list of ten images of things you have seen in the last 24 hours.  Use all of them in a poem.  Well, I narrowed it down to our walk across the street - I easily found more than ten images.  This is a VERY free-flowing "poem".  The following photos were taken with my old camera as it was raining and really windy.  I am surprised how well they came out as I was hard pressed to keep the camera still.  I heard a tornado hit and destroyed a Lowe's a couple hours away from us.

Come Back Tomorrow!

Three girls practically flew 
to the farm, eager to see
the pony we hope to lease.

A welcoming whinny said "Hello",

Tabby smiled and scratched,

Hammock offered relaxation,

Tree and tire swing beckoned "Come play"!

Peacock preened,

Goat nodded,

"Salt & Pepper" stared

and "springtime" entered our hearts.

But storm clouds gathered; "Tornado Watch"!
Back home we trod, downhearted.

We'll come back tomorrow.  And wonder until then, which one is our new friend.

I will be taking a "Blogger Spring Break" 
and will be back on Tuesday, April 24th. 
I hope to show you a photo of the pony
we will be leasing.

Until then, Happy Easter!


Jigglyjess said...

Happy Easter! That cat is Adorable!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Awesome photos....Happy Easter to you and your family, too!

trisha said...

the snaps are awesome margaret.

Rosie said...

Such a lovely collection, Margaret! Happy Easter and enjoy your break!

Ginnie said...

And all this just across the street! Amazing. Enjoy your break, Margaret, and the new pony. The kids are in 7th heaven, I know.

justine said...

what a brilliant collection, have a lovely break!

Kala said...

Love the first image of the two horses. Have a Happy Easter!

JL Dodge said...

Very lovely Margaret ! Happy Easter to you too !!
We have an award for you, please come by Dodge Writes to pick it up !!

forgetmenot said...

Margaret, Great shots. Enjoy your break--everyone needs one now and then. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Mickie :)

Dutchbaby said...

My goodness, that is a lot of riches for just across the street! This looks like an ideal place to raise a house full of children.

I hope you're enjoying your break!

Rosie said...

This is such a beautiful collection Margaret! I hope you're enjoying your (extended) Easter weekend!

Margaret said...

Thank you all for commenting while I was on vacation!

JL Dodge - I just saw you had an award for me! Thank you.