Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Secret Garden, "Familiar Journey", a poem and 153, 154/365

The Secret Garden is a musical I had never heard of until about 7 years ago.  Of course I knew the book, I had read it out loud to my children.  My son auditioned for the Bay View Musical and landed the role of Colin.  The song "Lilly's Eyes" - in my opinion one of the strongest male duets EVER- (1:56 minutes into the video if you want to fast forward) still causes shivers to run up and down my spine.  The You-Tube video has clips of various songs and the original Broadway cast is featured (Mandy Patinkin - on the left!)  Do yourself a treat and buy the CD.

The following poem is for "The March Challenge" - daily reflections on a given topic.  Today's topic celebrates "Read Across America Day" so we are to reflect upon reading.  I made it a bit more specific with "The Secret Garden".  Below is a photo of my sweet "little" boy (how time flies!).  The two photos were not taken by me.  I also entered it in One Stop Poetry's "One Shot Wednesday".  Over 100 poems will be entered in this weekly sharing!

Familiar Journey

Flesh and blood; pulsating,
bringing beloved words to life.
Words, once read in a quiet corner,
vibrantly echoing from the stage.
Echos and settles upon the audience,
spellbound with emotion and longing.
Emotional tears, laughter and thrills ensue,
taking the heart on a journey once traversed
between the pages of a favorite book.

by Margaret Bednar - Art Happens 03/02/2011

My daily photo for the "365 Photographic Journey" & "The Sunday Creative".  The challenge word is "ritual".  I try to read him a book before bed every night.  He tries to get me to read many books before bed every night! ...

The next photo is for "Black & White Wednesday".  This little doggie hangs out at the horse farm at the end of our road.  I love how the sun creates a "halo" around him.  


Patty Ann said...

Love the pictures and the story today. We have a tradition of book reading in our house too. It is so much fun to see them grow and love the same books that I did.

Cloaked Monk said...

I love everything on your page! From the youtube to the poetry to the photos. It is lovely when things come to life.


earlybird said...

great pictures - a good nightly ritual.

Ruth said...

So sweet to see your boy and the boy on stage in "The Secret Garden." The doggie is so beautiful backlit.

There is nothing like being at a show, and feeling that intense emotion, is there?

Mike Patrick said...

The greatest gift one can give a child is appreciation of the written word. It leads to a desire to read, and that gives access to unlimited knowledge.

Margaret said...

Patty Ann - I love all my story books - many I have had for over 17 years!

Cloaked Monk - I am so glad you enjoyed visiting! :) Not all stories are wonderfully portrayed, but this musical does a wonderful job.

Earlybird - Yes, but I think I often fall asleep before the kids while reading the story out loud!

Ruth - It was fun looking through the multiple photos I had of Secret Garden. Will is so young! The funny thing is the director was worried his voice would change during the show (Colin's songs have some VERY high notes). I said he was nowhere near that stage of growth... six weeks after the show ended, his voice began to change!

Mike - A desire to read is a desire to learn. I wholeheartedly agree!

Anonymous said...

a very important ritual!
I do love back lighting and B&W in photos. Cute pup.

Ginnie said...

I must say that your wee son totally mesmerizes me, even behind his books.

Margaret said...

Otterblossom - yes b&w backlit - I'm going to try to do more. This little doggie happened by accident!

Ginnie - :) That put a huge smile on my face. My son is all boy and very active, but he does LOVE story time. (me too)

Reggie said...

I love how you captured the stage and the words echoing and settling upon the audience.

Brian Miller said... seeing stories brought to life in plays..even kids son will be in one next week...smiles.

dustus said...

Love how your poem brings words to life, literally, from page to stage. Excellent, Margaret.

LauraX said...

A beautiful compilation of art in many forms Margaret.

Kavita said...

The poem is LOVELY, Margaret... books do that to me too... they take me into a world that is oh so wordy and fantastic...
And when I see them being dramatized...ooohh... that's like LIVING it myself!
Loved how you expressed that feeling here...

P.S: The doggie in the pic looks totally "divine"!!! :)

Margaret said...

Reggie, Dustus, Kavita- Thank you! It does figures poet lovers love books and the theatre!

Brian - I love watching my kids on stage... my youngest was 8 months when he made his first appearance as the baby in "Fiddler on the Roof"! I hope you let us know how your son does!