Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Our Little Man", a poem, 168/365

Our Little Man

Full of admiration
and emulation,
our little explorer
has extra pairs of 
watchful, loving eyes
and countless
encouraging smiles
to give him confidence.
Big sisters' guiding hands
help him along the way.
Leaps of joy greet big brother
when home from college he visits.
Family means everything
to our little man,
the youngest of six.
Constantly amazing us
and brightening our days
reminding us all
to take time to play.
And we have to admit,
for him we might possess
a bit more than he for us
of admiration and emulation!

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 3-15-11

These two poems are for the "March Challenge".  The above poem is for tomorrow's reflection on "family".  My very first poem written last year is below.  I wrote it in October of 2010 and reflected upon childhood, which is today's word prompt.  The top photo is for "Movement in March".


Childhood is a time of wonderment
of security
encouragement and possibilities.

Exploration begins every morning
with fresh faces and engaging smiles.
Each day approached with boundless energy.

As the sun rises, imagination flourishes
and inspiration is found in the simple.
Creativity soars with seemingly no boundaries.

Each day is for experimenting
and is about the process, not the end result.
Failure does not define who they are.

As they are tucked away each evening
sleepy heads are filled with questions.
Confident there are answers.

Parenthood is a time of great importance
 a limited opportunity to re-learn life's secrets.
Offered in the sweetest of ways.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 10-18-10

* * * * *

This is our little tuxedo kitty as a baby a few days after we got her from a farm.   I had wanted a Siamese and almost didn't allow her to come home with us.  For some reason I didn't take many photos of her when she was little and we are all thrilled I found this one.  I do remember that my youngest daughter carried her around for about a week, she loved her so.  This is for the "Creative Exchange".  


texwisgirl said...

Nicely done! :) Sweet boy with a wonderful family!

Rosie said...

Wonderful, Margaret!

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful post, Margaret. He's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet!

lisa said...

Oh Margaret, "Out Little Man" just touched my heart! Feelings so beautifully expressed. All of these photographs are wonderful, but somehow, I just keep going back the the first one. Beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange this week. Truly from your heart.

Have a wonderful evening.


Margaret said...

Texwisgirl, Rosie, Carol, Honeyhaiku, and Lisa - this poem was quick and the flow isn't exactly spot on, but it was really from my heart - that is why you probably loved it so much, Lisa! :)

Anonymous said...


Pat said...

Beautiful, heartfelt post!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poems, both of them, & I love that colorful photo of the kitty... it's perfect! =)

Evelyn S. said...

Precious photos, Margaret! I remember holding the hands of our sons as they explored the elevations. ;-) The 'wonderment' photo is truly special, too.

Lisa said...

Your poetry and photos of the children are lovely. But the tuxedo kitty in the pansies is adorable. I hope you take more pictures of her for future posts.

Margaret said...

Becca, Pat & Tricia - :) Flowers and kittens do go well together. Thank you.

Evelyn & Lisa- watching young children explore is so fun. I love the "wonderment" photo too. Thank you.