Friday, March 11, 2011

Lily Explosion, Continued!, 163-164/365

I have been having such fun with these beautiful lilies.  I certainly hope you are not bored!  I will be posting a few photos tomorrow that I am allowing you to download for free.  They would look lovely on a card or on your website.  Use them as inspiration for a painting.  All I ask is please give me and my blog credit.  Thank you. 

The last photo is for "Weekend Reflections".  I wish I could look into the same mirror and see such beauty!  It is also for "Sunday Creative's prompt:  Two.

The following photo is for "Movement in March", a very slow moving tongue!  We visitied our zoo last year about this time and we plan on going back within the week.   So technically it was taken in March, just not this year!  :)

Also, if you get a chance, pop over to my creative writing blog for the latest Friday Flash 55!


texwisgirl said...

So glad you led me back here again - these lilies are just phenomenal! :)

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Margaret!
I love your ideas and beautiful pictures!You are very talented!
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

Rosie said...

These lilies are outstanding - an explosion indeed, Margaret! Stunning! I love your idea about the moving tongue for the March theme - you are so creative!

'Tsuki said...

Extraordinary set of pictures... Those lily macro are amazing ! You've got quite a camera here... The reflection on the mirror is really perfect : I took me a while to get it was indeed a reflection... And I juste love the smile you gave me with your last pic and comment : so funny...

Thanks for this lovely sharing !

Margaret said...

Texwisgirl - :) And I love your ranch in Texea! We used to live in San Antonio and I really want to get back there for a visit someday.

Cezar & Leia - Thank you, but it is practice, practice and practice and hopefully I get a few good shots! :)

Rosie - Creative ... or desperate? I need to get some truly 2011 March photos - but this is a hard challenge. Thanks, Rosie!

Tsuki - Actually, my camera is pretty basic - I mean, it is OK, but I so want a powerful Nikon or Canon with a major zoom lens. But I am still able to learn and maybe struggling on my own without fancy gadgets for a while longer is a good thing... Thank you for your comments.

Carol Blackburn said...

Surprise.....lily, lily, and more lillies then a tiger named Lily? That was totally unexpected.

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
I hope you consider accepting!

lisa said...

The lilies are absolutely amazing Margaret.
The detail in them is truly stunning.
FANTASTIC work on these.
Scrolling back up to look again!

Patty Ann said...

Love the lilies. They are so beautiful. It makes me itch to get out my drawing pencils. Thank you for sharing.

Margaret said...

Carol - well it is a lion, but very clever non-the-less! :)

beccagivens - thanks, but I just accepted an award and would pull my hair out if I had to tap 8 more. It's not that I can't find 8 blogs I enjoy, it's deciding who to pick from the many I love!

lisa - :) Well, coming from you, that is a compliment. Thank you.

Patty Ann - Draw from these photos, I would love it.

Spittin Toad said...

Hi There,
I'm your latest follower..I found you threw The Sunday Creative...I started out in your lovely Lily Photos and ended up in your "Painting and Sketching Blog". I'm such a want to be will be great inspiration...
Thanks for doing such a nice job!

Spittin Toad said...

Me again. :)
You are more than welcome to use that picture of Char and Gracie...I'm thrilled!

Log Cabin Studio said...

Thank- you so much for sharing your lovely photos with all of us.

Ginnie said...

I really like your photography, Margaret...and I mean that sincerely! :)

Margaret said...

Spittin Toad - Welcome and thank you for the compliment. I have a feeling we will inspire each other. I love your blog. And I have already started on the sketch of Char & Gracie. Thank you.

Log Cabin Studio - You are welcome and thank you for enjoying my blog!

Ginnie - I have a lot to learn with photography - especially lighting and getting less "noisy" photographs. Your photographs truly inspire me.